Let’s face it; everyone does a lot of embarrassing things as a fresher. Whether it is just accidentally calling your tutor dad or finding yourself locked out of your flat in your PJs and calling the warden for help, we’ve all done something as a fresher that we would rather erase from our minds. However, there are some stories are just so much more embarrassing than others, so if you want to feel a little bit better about the embarrassing things you did, then you should check out the ones below.

A one night stand gone wrong

Date night

Laura Barton, now a famous journalist and author, studied English at the University of Oxford. It was here that she began dating a visiting American student who she brought back to her bedroom one night, only for him to show her his silver ring which symbolised his commitment to abstinence before marriage. To make things worse, he then began discussing the importance of Jesus in his life to her. Eek!

Missing person

One student’s parents filed a missing person’s report for them after just a week away at their new college. The student in question had just been having so much fun since arriving that they forgot to call their parents, three days later the police located the student in question and all was well.

Locked inside a car

One student managed to accidentally lock themselves inside a car outside of a club after a night out. That in itself might not have been that embarrassing, providing they were able to get friends to help them get out of the car. But this student, unfortunately, could not and in the end, firefighters were called to break them out of the car, right in front of a nightclub with other students watching the entire thing unfold before them. That was a night out they won’t forget anytime soon!

Calling your ex-boyfriend


Calling your ex-boyfriend while drunk can be embarrassing at the best of times. It can be so embarrassing, and the next day you’re horrified to realise that you cannot remember what word vomit you unleashed upon the poor guy. However, one student thought they were calling their ex-boyfriend whilst drunk and ended up phoning their dad instead. How they got those two contacts confused, we will never know.

Asking to go to the toilet

A moment of silence for all of the students who did this.

In fairness, no-one actually tells you that you do not have to ask to leave for the bathroom like you did in school, but most people seem to realise this automatically. One student who did just this wrote online that it was the most cringey thing they did whilst they were at university but that they were lucky enough not to get branded with a horrible nickname for it.

Flooded your halls

One group of students has shared online that they stole the university sign from the front of the university and hid it in one of their rooms. However, it soon came time for a room inspection so the students thought that they would try to hide it in their loft, but in doing so broke the main water pipe and flooded the entire halls. I think after that the wardens wouldn’t have been so concerned with the fact that a sign had been stolen!

Broke the microwave


The student in question did not just break their flat’s microwave within 20 minutes of moving in, but actually blew the thing up. They had decided it was a good idea to heat up some beans, but being new to the student lifestyle tried to do so when the beans were still in the tin. On the bright side, they got a new microwave!

Plagiarising your tutor’s work

One student tried to plagiarise on their final exam. Whilst this is bad enough as it is, they even went as far as to copy their tutor’s own sources. I mean, if you are going to cheat you should probably know that your tutor will recognise their own work and know that it is not your own!

Playing the parent card

Whilst you’re at university, you are bound to be studying with some other students who come from the upper elite in society, whether they be children of politicians or celebrities. This was the case for one student, and when she was graded a C in her philosophy essay, she actually asked her tutor, “Do you know who my father is?”

The most cringey question ever asked in a classroom to this day.



One student who has just met their flatmates got drunk and decided to show off their twerking skills. All was going well until the student got right up in one of their flatmates’ faces and accidentally farted on them. Bet that made the rest of the year awkward!

Last Updated on August 4, 2022