We know that choosing a university is stressful and there are a lot of aspects that you have to take into account. You’ll want to look at the type of degrees on offer, the location, the student satisfaction and the nightlife. However, there are some other less vital but equally important things to bear in mind too. We recently ranked the prettiest university campuses and that got us thinking… So, we’re here to rank the most Instagrammable universities in the UK (based on a list by the team at Erudera who looked at which unis got the most Instagram tags.) Let’s face it, you’re going to be spending the next three years in this place so it might as well look good on your feed.

10. The University of Glasgow

In spot number 10 of the most Instagrammable universities in the UK, is the University of Glasgow. This highly ranked Russell group uni is located in one of the UK’s friendliest and most cosmopolitan cities; that is if you can tear yourself away from the gorgeous campus. Imagine having your graduation shots taken here…

The University of Glasgow, most Instagrammable universities in the UK
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9. The University of Edinburgh

In position number 9 is yet again, another university in Scotland. Having officially opened in 1583, the University of Edinburgh is the sixth-oldest university in continuous operation in the English-speaking world and it has the campus to prove it.

The University of Edinburgh
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8. University College London

Following on, we have one of the best universities in London, University College London. Unis in the capital often get a bad rep when it comes to their campuses. However, considering that there are three London unis on their list, it seems that you really can have it all. Imagine studying in one of the greatest cities in the world and then getting to retreat to the comfort of UCL’s Bloomsbury campus.

University College London, most Instagrammable universities in the UK
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7. The University of Warwick

Following on, we have the University of Warwick. Located on the outskirts of Coventry, this university is one of the top 10 in the UK and is situated on a picturesque campus with plenty of green places to relax. We reckon you’d be hard-pressed to feel stressed in this beautiful uni. Perhaps that’s why students here do so well with their studies (Warwick graduates ranked within the UK top 10 for highest earnings in over 11 subjects.)

University of Warwick
Source: Uni Compare

6. The University of Manchester

Next up on our list, we have another city university, The University of Manchester. This uni is one of the most highly regarded universities in the UK and it has a killer campus to go with it. In fact, it’s the largest single-site university in the UK and offers undergraduate and Masters’s degrees that are popular with local and international students alike.

The university of Manchester
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5. Imperial College London

Next up, in position number five of the most Instagrammable universities in the UK is the Imperial College London. This London university specialises in Science, engineering, medicine and business. With its city-centre campus, located a short stroll away from the Museum quarter, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more idyllic campus to study on.

Imperial College London, most Instagrammable universities in the UK
Source: Imperial College London

4. Kings College London

Following on, we have yet again another London university. This time it’s kings College London. This historic uni was established by royal charter in 1829 under King George IV and the Duke of Wellington. It is ranked one of the best universities in the world for studying and apparently, one of the best in terms of its stunning London campus. What’s more, it also made it onto our list of the most environmentally friendly unis in the UK. Basically, it ticks all of the boxes.

Kings College London
Source: Crimson education

3. London School of Economics and Political Science

Now we are coming into the top 3 most Instagrammable universities on our list. We have, you guessed it, another London university. LSE is one of the top universities in the world, offering over 40 undergraduate degree programmes across the social sciences, as well as summer schools and study abroad options. Its city campus is located in the heart of the city, near Covent Garden and it’s about as quintessentially London as you could get…

2. University of Cambridge

Now we’re on to the top two and it’s no surprise that the University of Cambridge is on this list. It is the world’s third-oldest surviving university and is highly regarded as being one of the best in terms of education today. Its historic and green campus is a student’s dream so it’s no surprise it’s on our list. Not to mention that it’s been a filming location for a popular movie starring Eddie Redmayne. 

University of Cambridge
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1. University of Oxford

Drumroll please, in the first position is the University of Oxford: officially the most Instagrammable university in the UK (that’s another string to add to its bow.) This world-renowned unis vast campus is spread across the city, with plenty of historical and picturesque buildings to explore. We have no doubt that strolling around the University of Oxford would be a great distraction from all of the studying that students inevitably have to do if they attend.

The university of Oxford
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So, there you have it. Those are the most Instagrammable universities in the UK. Do you think another university deserves a spot on this list? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts.