Universities usually have societies on offer to suit everyone’s interests. Whether you’re into sports, music, food or maybe something more creative, you’ll likely be able to find a group of people who share similar interests to you within a society.

Some unis have hundreds of societies, therefore it makes sense that some of these will be ones you may not have heard of before or may not have thought of joining previously. Here’s a list of some of the most random, weird and wonderful university societies out there for you to join.

Doctor Who Society – The University of Oxford

The group, which was formed in 1989, meets regularly to discuss and watch the show (there might also be a cheeky trip to the pub involved!) If you’re an avid Doctor Who fans at Oxford and wants to meet new people, this may be the society for you!

Bell Ringing Society – The University of Nottingham

The Bell Ringing Society at The University of Nottingham was founded in 1958 and seeks to teach the art of bellringing to students of all abilities. The group practices twice a week and has open membership.

Louis Theroux Appreciation Society – Birmingham City University

It’s hard not to love the icon that is Louis Theroux, and the students over at Birmingham City University have even created a society in his name. The Louis Theroux Appreciation Society meets once a week to watch one of his documentaries, alongside other monthly activities that may or may not also involve Louis Theroux.

Cheese Society – Nottingham Trent University

This sounds like a society we’d like to be involved in! The Nottingham Trent Cheese Society holds regular events for cheese lovers, including tasting sessions and fondue nights.

Pantomime Society – The University of Manchester

Pantomimes can be enjoyed all year round at The University of Manchester. Putting on “some of the weirdest shows you’ve ever seen”, this society is a must for all you Mancunian drama lovers out there.

Bad Film – The University of Birmingham

As the name suggests, this society at The University of Birmingham solely consists of people coming together to enjoy bad films. If this sounds like something up your street, the Bad Film society meets weekly during the semester with an additional three-film marathon at the end of every term.

Quidditch Club – Oxford Universities

This Harry Potter inspired club is open to students at both the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes. If you’re a fan of the film, you may be interested in learning to play the physical game. The club often competes with other universities in the sport and has two teams available to join.

Matchmaking Society – The University of Nottingham

Are you looking to find love at university? Well, The University of Nottingham has just the group to help you out! This award-winning society describes itself as “the cupids of your uni experience” and aims to bring people together with similar love interests.

Brum Dine with Me – The University of Birmingham

You would not be wrong in thinking that this society is the University of Birmingham’s take on the popular Channel 4 TV show, Come Dine with Me. If you’re a fan of cooking and hosting dinner parties, then you’ll want to look into this one! Members of Brum Dine with Me are placed into groups of four or five strangers each semester and over six weeks take turns in hosting a dinner party for fellow members.

Gardening Society – Manchester Metropolitan University

Anyone who enjoys getting down and dirty in the garden may be interested in the Gardening Society at Manchester Metropolitan University. The group aims to encourage students to cultivate gardening skills through planting and harvesting sessions, whilst also holding non-gardening-based socials as a way to meet new people and make friends.

Rubik Cube Society – The University of Liverpool

This society is basically what it says on the tin. Members of the University of Liverpool’s Rubik Cube Society can learn how to solve a 3×3 Rubik’s cube amongst others and also learn techniques to increase speed through society sessions and socials. Students of all abilities are welcome.

Tea Appreciation Society – The University of Oxford

Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea? Over at the University of Oxford, you can attend the Tea Appreciation Societies’ weekly meetings for a small charge of £3 per term and sample a variety of new teas and cake.