After everything 2020 threw at us and everything 2021 still has to offer, it’s nice to know that the nation will be treated to a four-day weekend with an extra bank holiday in June next year. Here is everything you need to know!

Next year the Queen would have been on the throne for 70 years, and to mark the historical milestone, she will be having her platinum jubilee. But to make sure the whole nation is celebrating there will be an extra bank holiday, meaning the 2nd to 5th of June 2022 will make up a four day weekend.

The government have already put aside £28 million for the jubilee, as it’s not every day a platinum jubilee occurs. In fact, the Queen is the UK’s longest-reigning monarch, with Queen Victoria coming second with a reign of 63 years. The jubilee next year will be the first Platinum Jubilee to be achieved by a sovereign in nearly 1000 thousand years, so you should definitely find a way to get involved.

UK street party
Credit: The York Press

The last jubilee took place in 2002 and was the Queen’s Golden Jubilee to mark her reign surpassing 50 years, so we expect to see even more celebrations 20 years later, including street parties during the jubilee, as was the case with royal weddings. Where people gather in the streets with their neighbours to celebrate, eat, drink, and play games.

Even Parliament will be getting involved in the celebrations and will be gifting the queen with some extravagant lamps worth more than £100,000 and are said to represent her guiding light as Queen.

The jubilee will also see tree’s planted up and down the nation as the Queen urges people to plant trees as part of the campaign, ‘The Queens Green Canopy’. This is a cause close to the Queen’s heart, as during her time on the throne she has planted more than 1,500 trees.

Queen planting trees
Credit: ITV