We all love the Real Housewives shows, they’re dramatic, OTT and hilarious. Plus, they remind us that even the people we aspire to become have problems. So when we heard that executive producer Andy Cohen was planning a Real Housewives of Dubai, we were shook. But who are the potential Real Housewives of Dubai?

The series will be produced by the same team who manage the US series, and it will focus on ‘a group of women navigating their relationships, careers and supremely lavish and ultra-wealthy lifestyles in the United Arab Emirates’. But we’ve yet to hear precisely who these women will be. There is a lot of speculation, though, and these are the frontrunners!

Chanel Ayan


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Chanel is a leading model over in the Middle East and is one of the castmates rumoured to be gracing our screens on the Real Housewives of Dubai. She was born in Kenya and was raised there by her single mother, along with 11 siblings.

At 17, she relocated to Brazil and began to work as a model. Her career was kicked off when a cousin showed her a fashion magazine when she was young, and by the time she was in Brazil, she worked on commercials for brands like Bazaar and Coca-Cola.

She met her now-husband whilst working in Brazil, and the couple soon moved to New York. They then decided to relocate, and she is now settled in Dubai. She has now lived in the UAE for 14 years, and was the first black model to appear on magazine covers over there.

Ayan’s first fashion show in Dubai was in Abu Dhabi, and the audience consisted of the royal family and esteemed citizens, and since then she has appeared on the cover of Vogue Dubai, worked with Rhianna for Fenty, worked with Prada, and, of course, Chanel.

Caroline Brooks


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Carlone was born in Boston, USA, and is a self-acclaimed ‘real estate powerhouse’. Brooks works for the company Rent DXB as a Real Estate Director.

She is also an influencer within her own right, with 131,000 followers on Instagram where she shows off her lavish lifestyle as she travels around with her boyfriend, a Nigerian footballer named Odio Jude Ighalo.

On top of this, she’s also a mother and a philanthropist and lives full-time in Dubai.

Lesa Milan Hall


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32-year-old Lesa first made a name for herself as a contestant in Miss Jamaica. She then went on to compete in Miss Hollywood Teen USA and Queen Miss Jamaica Caribbean World, as well as Miss Caribbean World 2010.

As an adult, she lives in Dubai with her three sons: Maximillian, Sebastian and Kristian, as well as her husband Richard Hall – a renowned British financier. She’s the founder of the children’s educational brand My Little Makers and also has a maternity wear line called Mina Roe.

Before Dubai, she attended Florida Atlantic University and studied broadcast journalism.

Dr Sara Al Madani


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35-year-old Madani has been a go-getter from a young age. At 15, she was inspired to start her own business.

By 26, she became known as ‘your excellence’ after she was selected by Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi, the ruler of Sharjah as a board member of the Sharjar Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She is the youngest board member to date.

She describes herself as a ‘spiritual gangster’, and has a tough view on aspiration, saying that, “[She] started [her] business when [she] was 15 and it was a man’s world; nobody helped [her]. With many facilities and initiatives available nowadays for Emirati women, however, there is no excuse’.

She runs her own Sala Al Madani fashion design company as well as a social media consultancy, Social Fish, and events business, Proposal Cupid.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also has over 420 thousand followers on Instagram, and is constantly dressed to impress. In 2015 she welcomes her son Maktoum, and is even friends with Usher.

Nina Ali


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42-year-old Nina is a super influencer. She runs the Instagram account @LipstickMommy, where she documents her life with 3 children and her husband Munaf Ali. The two met after they fell for one another when they met through her cousin’s brother-in-law. He flew halfway around the world just to take her for dinner!

Originally from Texas, Ali runs a cake business named ‘Fruit Cake’ which delivers fresh fruit cakes to anyone after one in Dubai.

Caroline Stanbury


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Stanbury is a successful businesswoman who is worth around £20 million. She is married to ex Real Madrid soccer player Sergio Carrallo, and is known as an ‘it’ girl, having previously been spotted around footballer Ryan Giggs and UK royal Prince Andrew.

Caroline grew up in Dorset and was born into wealth. In fact, she was born into the second wealthiest family in Britain. Before meeting Carrallo, she lived with then-husband Cem Habib and had an entire room in their Surrey mansion dedicated to her £200k handbag collection.

She has previously starred in reality TV on Ladies of London, so would not be new to the scene.