UK universities offer us not only prestigious places to study but aesthetic views too.  From medieval libraries to Victorian palm houses, UK campuses have it all! We’ve put together a list of the prettiest Uni campuses in the UK: Ranked. Counting down from 10…

10. Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University-The Prettiest Uni Campuses in the UK

Aberystwyth University in Wales rightfully deserves a place in the ranking of prettiest Uni Campuses- just look at it!

The old college building, situated on 1,709 hectares of land, resembles a medieval castle. If you think this already sounds dreamy, the campus is only a short 10-minute walk to the seafront and promenade. It almost sounds fit for royalty…

Hang on, it really is fit for the royals. His Royal Highness Prince Charles studied Welsh here in 1969. Fans of the Netflix series ‘The Crown’ will remember the portrayal of the Prince of Wales’s studies here.

9. University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen The Prettiest Uni Campuses in the UK

The University of Aberdeen in Scotland combines the picturesque architecture of both old and new.

The Sir Duncan Rice Library was named one of the most beautiful in the world by CEOWORLD Magazine in 2016. It is not only beautiful but has seven floors of books, a gallery, 1,200 study spaces, and a break room with panoramic views of the city. Wow!

8. University of St Andrews

University of St Andrews Campus

Next up on our list of the prettiest uni campuses in the UK is Scotland’s oldest university, St Andrews.It was founded in 1413 and is another location to get those perfect scenic insta pics.

Some of the buildings including St Salvator’s Chapel and St Leonard’s College Chapel date back to the 15th century and are still in use today.

It was ranked top in the UK for teaching quality by The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022. St Andrews is not just a pretty face!

7. University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh campus

Founded in 1583, the University of Edinburgh has buildings beautiful enough to be used for external festivals, filming, and events all year round.

It is home to Britain’s oldest literary awards, the James Tait Black Prizes, and the famous clone, Dolly the sheep.

The University of Edinburgh provided Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with inspiration for his character, Sherlock Holmes. I wonder if Sherlock can give us some clues as to why the University of Edinburgh has such a pretty campus!

6. Queen’s University of Belfast

Queen’s University of Belfast campus

The gorgeous centrepiece of Queen’s University is the red-brick gothic Lanyon Building, which was opened in 1849. But this is not the only eye-catching thing you’ll see on campus.

Queen’s also houses a botanic garden, a Victorian palm house, a museum, AND a cinema. These are all situated among the grand old buildings and stylish metropolitan buildings.

There are 15 academic schools at Queen’s University of Belfast, each with leading academics in the field

5. Royal Holloway, University of London

Royal Holloway, University of London campus

Home to a number of films and TV programmes filming, Royal Holloway is just stunning.

It has a striking gothic-revival-style building inspired by the Chateau de Chambord in the French Loire Valley.

Alumni from Royal Holloway include novelist George Eliot, Suffragette Emily Davison, actor Mark Strong, and Paralympic triple gold medallist Sophie Christiansen, among many more

4. University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow campus

The University of Glasgow has been named Scottish University of the Year in the Times and the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022. We think its beautiful campus may have had something to do with it!

Also, it is home to the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, one of the leading university museums in the world.

3. Durham University

Durham University university

Durham university is ranked as 82nd in the QS World University Rankings 2022. We’re not surprised as its architecture and general campus aesthetic are stunning.

Durham is not only pretty, however. It is a top university for employability and has an extremely diverse population, with 30% of students from non-UK origin.

2. University of Oxford

University of Oxford campus

The University of Oxford was established as early as 1096! No wonder it boasts such beautiful medieval architecture that has been appreciated for centuries.

You may recogonize the extravagant halls of Oxford from a certain famous film about a wizard with a unique scar… yes, Harry Potter was filmed here!

1. University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge campus

Last but definitely not least is the beautiful and iconic University of Cambridge. Campus houses eight museums, botanical gardens, and many buildings in Tudor and medieval styles. Also situated near is the River Cam- the best place to sit and relax on a hot summer’s day!

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