Staycations are the flavour of the year and if you feel you were destined for the life of luxury the Pretty Little Thing hotel might just be the place for you.

What we know so far about this souped-up lifestyle that is being sold in the hotel is that a two-night stay for you and 2 friends in a multi-million-pound house in Devon. This pop-up hotel while pretty little thing’s first dip in hospitality is a less a dip and more a dive, with the hotel offering a 5-star experience including: a pool, private chef, lots of freebies and a hell of a lot of pink.

With Molly-Mae (star of Love Island) recently named as the creative director of Pretty Little Thing, could this sidestep into hospitality mark a new era for the fashion company?

The Pretty Little Thing Hotel
Source: Pretty Little Thing

How to get there?

Of course, Pretty Little Thing have encouraged complete secrecy when it comes to the hotel. There are very few photos and gossip is about all we know. The exact location is unknown, the most detail we have is Devon. Bookings are open through competition only at the moment, the latest competition is for a stay in late September.

The fashion retailer is also looking for those passionate about their brand and ambassadors such as Mollie-Mae. So the best way to do this is to keep shopping! The company’s new lines are inspired by the stars of love island. Want to get closer to staying at the hotel and living that Pretty Little Thing lifestyle? Shopping may just be your way in. Not such a hard ship really!


Pretty Little Thing have commented saying the décor and interiors is from their own range of homewares. The look is a bold millennial pink surrounded in decadent furnishings. You could honestly think that they had dropped the Love Island villa in the Devon countryside. The inspirations are clear, Love Island being one of them, the sleek modern look. The HUGE house that is being used as the location. The swimming pool set to rival any location outside the UK. It cant be denied that it is ‘the ultimate stay-cation destination’.

But why? Why? Why? Has Pretty Little Thing taken a side-step into hospitality. It’s no lie that is has drawn questions regarding the motivation behind the successful fashion brands hotel experience. That could be exactly it though, the experience. Pretty Little Thing isn’t just selling clothes, it is selling a lifestyle. A life style that you can now stay at with a private chef. Not to be sniffed at really.