We all know the pain of going to lectures. We just want to go in, get through and get out.

But it wouldn’t be the same without a few hiccups, right? Here are seven things that might go wrong.

1. Doing the walk of shame

We have all witnessed, or taken part in, the awkward dash from door to seat when the lecture has already begun. All eyes are on you because the lecture is already off to a slow start, and even the lecturer addresses it with a cheeky comment or a glance at the other students. You try and remain quiet, but inevitably the door will always slam on your way in.

2. Dropping everything you own

This has happened to everyone. Whether your water bottle falls on someone’s head in front of you or your pen gets lost in the crevice of the chairs, ultimately nothing is worse than dropping your phone in an unreachable place only ten minutes into the lecture. It’s at this point you are forced to accept defeat and actually concentrate for the next forty minutes.

3. Getting a phone call

Though this isn’t always bad, if you have an embarrassing ring tone you will understand the pain of this. At least the rest of the lecture theatre will be able to enjoy a momentary club banger until you get to the off switch.


4. Awkward eye contact

Everyone goes through that moment when you end up in an impromptu staring contest with another student after doing a quick scan of the room. Either that or you have to suddenly look away and risk yourself looking like even more of a creep. What’s worse, though, is when this happens with the lecturer and you must busy yourself with trying to look like you are absorbing what is being said, when actually you were trying to figure out what their accent is.


5. Audience participation

It’s a Monday morning, you are feeling a little worse for wear and the lecturer pops a question, begging for someone in the room to answer. The next 30 seconds are crucial. Someone will have to take one for the team and shout out an answer, while at the same time cowering into your seat. There are only two outcomes to this scenario: either someone bites the bullet and we can all forget it ever happened, or an awkward silence prevails as your lecturer moves swiftly on.


6. Falling down the stairs

It can be hard to concentrate on where you are stepping when you are surrounded by other people and trying to simultaneously have a conversation with your friend. If you put one foot wrong, you could be on the floor while the rest of the more coordinated people step over you, trying to cover their laughter. At least you can try and hide in the crowd.


7. The uncontrollable cough

We all know freshers’ flu is a very real thing. Everyone in the lecture can share in the delight of knowing if they cough, someone else will no doubt also be coughing. It’s when the relentless cough hits you again mid-semester when it becomes a problem. No amount of water is helping. You are sat in the middle of a very full row of people. There is no escape. You are destined to be featured on the lecture recording and everybody will hate you for it.