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8. Aberdeen


Aberdeen has everything you need as a student, with a student population of 50,000 you’ll definitely be kept entertained. You’ll find live music events, plenty of pubs, clubs and even festivals that people travel far and wide to attend. The city is diverse, ranking 26th for the best student mix. It is also ranked 70th worldwide in the University rankings, with the city home to Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen. 

The city is safe, affordable and ranked high for desirability and affordability. They are even voted 6th for the best club in the UK being Tunnels. QS has named Aberdeen as the 55th best city in the world for students…. not bad at all.

We love…

As a student you have to try Belmont Filmhouse which shows independent and quirky films. Try Tippling House for cocktails and The tunnels for a good night out.


The city that brought us Peaky Blinders and UK’s second largest city, it’s no surprise Birmingham has a lot to offer. Take a casual boat trip down the canal in the summer (close your eyes and you might just think your in Venice) or take a trip to Digbeth which is famously referenced as the ‘new Shoreditch’ or check out these hidden bars in the city. You will find that most clubs and bars are in one place on Broad Street which means transport links are really good for students. Most students you talk to will hype Birmingham for the best night out in the UK and our 25 hardest partying uni rankings also confirms this.

According to QS it is the 51st best city for students in the World and ranked in the top 50 in the university rankings. The city is home to Aston University and the University of Birmingham. It hasn’t been voted the cheapest place to study but with all the city offers, it’s well worth the money.

We love…

Of course we are going to recommend the peaky speakeasy which is a secret hidden bar behind a bookcase in a peaky blinders pub. You can’t not go here, especially as Peaky Blinders was invented in your city! For clubbing head to Broad Street with Pryzm and Pop World particularly popular among students. 

6. Nottingham


Nottingham is ranked 47th for the best city for students in the world… but it’s also known for the Robin Hood Legend. It is home to two incredible unis Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham.

The city is loved by students, with over 60,000 students and ranked 3rd for student satisfaction. The nights out are amazing, with the city being small enough for you to definitely bump into multiple people you’ll know. The city is great for offering out free events, supplying some of the best hidden bars in the UK and having some of the best activities for date night. It’s also known for the fierce competition between universities and we actually settled this through the article Nottingham Uni v Nottingham Trent: Who is ACTUALLY better?

We love…

We love an Ocean night out Wednesdays for Trent Students and Monday for Uni of. For a little higher end night out head to COCO Tang where they’ll serve you the most delicious cocktails!

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