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2. Edinburgh


This brilliant city is the 16th best city in the world because of its diverse student population coming in 8th globally, desirability and high rate of student satisfaction. It is rated 21st in the world for universities, being home to both Edinburgh Napier University and the University of Edinburgh.

The city is notoriety expensive, coming in 93rd place for affordability but they have some of the best nights in the UK, and it shows with their appearance in the rankings of the 25 hardest partying unis in the UK. They also have some great girls nights and some pretty interesting shops to check out. The city is filled with beautiful architecture, an infectious atmosphere and is home to the Fringe festival.

We Love…

For some fast food head to Red Box Noodle bar in-between lectures or study periods. The city is renowned for its stand up comedy so make sure to check it out so you’re prepared for Edinburgh Fringe, after all it’s hugely popular and people travel from all over to witness it. If you’re into your cocktails then head to under the stars which serves some of the best cocktails in the city. If you’re looking for student clubs then check out the Liquid Room, Silk and The Bongo Club.

1. London


London is the city of dreams and it seems everyone else thinks so too. The city is ranked the best city in the UK, as well as the best city globally by QS for students!!

The city is home to 17 prestigious universities and is ranked the second best city for employer activity. The city is of course very diverse coming in 7th wordwide, 13th for student satisfaction and 18th for desirability.

London really does have it all with new clubs, bars and restaurants opening up daily. To help you out we’ve put together a few guides for you including the best London venues beneath our feet and the top 7 hidden bars in London and the best attractions to see in London on a budget.

We love…

We love the Breakfast club at London Bridge… hot tip when you’ve finished your meal tell the waiter “I’m here to get lucky” and follow them to an intimate secret bar.