This year is guaranteed to be another wild one for freshers events. But obviously, it’s no fun if you can’t afford to even go out. So we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the 10 universities with the cheapest freshers.

Now if we’re talking SU events, freshers usually comes in a few different forms, the first of which is the wristband. Fork over £30 to £60 and you’ll have access to all the club nights offered by your Student Union. To make the most of your money, you’ll have to go to every event. But is this really the best way? The other way to do freshers is picking and choosing. With SU events ranging between £4 to £10 entry, you’ll be saving a fortune. Just plan ahead and get early bird tickets, every penny counts when you’re a student!

But what about all the costs around Freshers? It’s not just entry prices that set you back. Adding up the average costs of taxis per 5km, beer, wine, fast food, and cocktails, we’ve found out which 10 cities have the cheapest freshers.

1. Liverpool University, £29.62

liverpool freshers week

Coming up first as our cheapest freshers is Liverpool! Are we surprised? Offering the cheapest taxi fares, getting around the vibrant city becomes much easier. Not to mention, the average price of cocktails at just £6.50 ensures that students can enjoy a night out without breaking the bank. With such affordable transportation and drinks, it’s no wonder Liverpool is the clear winner for budget-conscious freshers.

2. Newcastle University, £30.24

Newcastle University secures the second spot on our list of cheapest freshers. It’s essential to note that while the cost of living might be slightly higher than Liverpool’s, the spirit of Newcastle’s Freshers events cannot be measured in mere figures.

3. Glasgow University, £30.48

university of glasgow has one of the cheapest freshers weeks
Source: University of Glasgow

Glasgow University emerges as another budget-friendly option, making it worth the trip to the beautiful land of Scotland. It’s only marginally more expensive than Newcastle and Liverpool, so if you’re a Glasgow Fresher, you’ll hopefully have a great (and cheap) freshers week too.

4. Swansea University, £31.71

Swansea freshers week

Swansea University may rank fourth on the list, but its affordability ensures that students can have a great time on a tight budget. With pints priced at just £3.92, students can socialise easily and get to know others.

5. Leeds University, £32.40

University of Leeds
Source: The University of Leeds,

Leeds University stands out for its affordable taxis, allowing students to hop between freshers’ events and explore the city’s vibrant social scene safely. House parties and social gatherings are easily accessible, making it a popular choice among budget-conscious freshers.

6. Leicester University, £32.75

Leicester University secures the sixth spot, offering affordable fast food and pints. This creates a comfortable environment for students to socialise without worrying about excessive expenses.

7. York University, £32.90

York University treats freshers to an awe-inspiring view of gorgeous architecture while enjoying cocktails that average around £7.50. The combination of stunning surroundings and student-friendly prices creates a unique and charming experience.

York freshers week

8. Bristol University, £33.25

Bristol University may be renowned for its lively and wild reputation, but it lands at the eighth spot in our ranking of cheapest freshers. Despite its position, Bristol’s cost of living remains relatively affordable, especially when compared to the notoriously expensive London.

9. Sheffield University, £33.30

Sheffield freshers week

Another one with a party reputation, Sheffield sports cheaper taxis per 5km at £7.65 and pints at £4. It’s generally a student city, so there will be lots going on during freshers. Fortunately with cheap drinks and taxis, you can go to as many as possible.

10. Aberdeen University, £33.30

Sporting the cheapest pints of beer at £3.50, Aberdeen is tied with Sheffield for last place. It’s also got the cheapest fast food at £5.25. If you’re a hungry drunk, this is the place for you.

There you have our wrap up of the 10 UK universities with the cheapest freshers based on costs to eat, drink, get around. Going out as a student is expensive so check out our student deals page. If you want to find more about which universities are the best based on student life, check out our Alternative University League Table.