It is inevitable that at some point you have probably received some awful chat-up line over social media, through a dating app or out in a club or pub. But so many of these chat-up lines are so unbelievably terrible and cringey, you’d think there is absolutely no way they could work.

To get the inside scoop for you, I asked these students the worst chat up lines they have ever received that actually worked! 

“I got all these knives and forks, so, all I need is a little spoon”

This is pretty cringey chat-up line which to my surprise has actually worked on multiple students. Sarah has experienced the chat-up line on Tinder and thought it was pretty smooth but this might be because she doesn’t mind being the little spoon…

“There are so many letters in the alphabet, but U is the one I need”

Simple yet effective, short yet sweet. Although this is an incredibly cheesy chat-up line it has actually worked! Yes, I can’t believe it either!

Megan had this line sent to her over Facebook and couldn’t help but reply. It’s also very similar to the line ‘If I could rearrange the letters in the alphabet, I would put U and I together’ which is just as cringey.

“Is your mum a burglar? Cause she stole the stars and put them in your eyes”

CRINGE. This one is unbelievably cringey and probably one of the worst chat-up lines to exist. But one student got asked this in his local pub and actually found it hilarious.  Although he did admit that this was probably because he had had a few drinks. “It was pretty ballsy I thought for a girl to approach me. This hasn’t ever happened to me, I had to get her number just for that!”.

“What are you doing down here, thought you were meant to be in heaven…because you’re an angel”

Zara had this extremely cheesy line sent to her on Tinder. She said that he sent the first part of the line, and she was really confused. But after her reply of ‘what’ he added the second part of the line, and smoothly called her an angel.

“Are you from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only ten I see”

This is not just a terrible chat-up line, but it’s also an iconic quote from the beloved show ‘Hannah Montana’. One student decided to send this to a boy she liked over Facebook, and his reaction was a lot of laughter, but the line must have been a great icebreaker as they’re still talking.

It seems cheesy chat-up lines can actually work; I may even try some of these myself! If you try these, let us know your success rate in the comments below!

Last Updated on September 3, 2022