Before you choose which university you go to you might want to know which city has the cheapest bars.

To save you visiting every city in the country and trying a pint in each, have worked out the cheapest 30 cities to but a beer in using data from

Check out the table below:

30. Brighton and Hove (£3.45)

This time last year we found out Brighton students have the most sexual partners in the country. Perhaps that could have something to do with these pint prices?

29. Aberdeen (£3.40)

We found out that Aberdeen are the sixth hardest partying universities in the country. At £3.40 a pint they must be doing quite a bit of pre-drinking.

28. Canterbury (£3.40)

Apparently Caterbury students borrow just more than £200 a month from their parents. Presumably because the price of a pint is so high.

27. Southampton (£3.30)

Similarly, Southampton students borrow just under £200 per month from their parents. We’re guessing for the same reason.

26. Leicester (£3.22)

There’s loads of great happy hours in Leicester, which you might need to take advantage of with the average pint price at £3.22.

25. Norwich (£3.20)

Norwich men are some of the worst dressed in the country, according to a recent survey. Probably because they have to spend all their cash on £3.20 pints.

24. Bath (£3.20)

There’s loads of great stuff happening in Bath, including an awesome meet and pet with rabbits and chickens at Bath Su. Good for a destress after paying £3.20 for a pint.

23. Belfast (£3.15)

The University of Belfast was named one of the most stylish universities in the UK, which probably means that most of the students drink an Aperol Spritz or another classy cocktail. But for those beer swillers, a pint will cost £3.15.

22. Manchester (£3.15)

With a new app coming to Manchester that promises to save you up to 80% on travel, you will have loads more cash to spend on pints at £3.15.

21. Derby (£3.15)

The University of Derby came pretty low in the universities having the most sex. The average sex life ofDerby students goes hand in hand with their average cost of a pint.

20. Lincoln (£3.10)

Similarly, Lincoln also did terribly in the same league table. Maybe a place in the top 20 here will cheer them up.

19. Plymouth (£3.10)

We already know that Plymouth is one of the kinkiest cities in the UK but now we also know it’s one of the cheaper cities to get a pint in.

18. Newcastle Upon Tyne (£3.10)

We’ve probably all hit-up Signor Prosecco now to get their bottomless bubbles, but if not (and beer is more your thing) you can get yourself a pint for £3.10.

17. Cardiff (£3)

With pints at £3 you could probably tuck a couple away. And we’ve just had some good news for after your drinks! Golden BBQ in Caerphilly Road has been named as the best kebab shop in Wales. From now on, it’s only the best in the country for Cardiff students.

16. York (£3)

Did you know York is one of the top 20 universities in the UK? If not then you might want to celebrate. The average price of a pint at £3 is not too bad either.

15. Nottingham (£2.98)

We all know there are special places in Nottingham to go out. I mean every Nottingham student has a special place for Ocean in their hearts. But at £2.98 a pint, just going to the pub with a couple of mates is just as nice.

14. Bournemouth (£2.97)

The University of Bournemouth students came pretty high in the wildest universities league table in the UK. But with pints at just £2.97 per pint, perhaps its best to stick with the legal stuff?

13. Bristol (£2.95)

Did you know there is a naked dining event coming to Bristol? If you fancy coming along you will probably need a bit of Dutch courage to help you whip out your bits. At £2.95 a pint you can probably afford a couple.

12. Dundee (£2.92)

Dundee was just named as the fifth best place to live in Scotland, and we can see why! At £2.92 a pint we’re looking at renting a place there.

11. Exeter (£2.90)

The University of Exeter is up for this year’s University Of The Year prize, which means it’s time to celebrate. At £2.90 a pint the students can probably afford more than a couple.

10. Birmingham (£2.87)

Did you know a new ride-sharing app is coming to Birmingham? It’s promising to save students up to 80% on their travel costs. Pretty good when pints are only £2.87.

9. Liverpool (£2.80)

Liverpool has one of the best city festivals around, Sound City. So it’s pleasing to know, if you’re going, that you aren’t going to have to splash out loads on a pint.

8. Lancaster (£2.80)

Magic mushrooms grow at Lancaster University, according to Urban Dictionary. But with prices as cheap as £2.80 we don’t think anyone should go picking them. In fact, even without the cheap drinks we don’t think anyone should go picking them.

7. Glasgow (£2.75)

There is an app in Glasgow available which helps you buy a pint for 70p. But if you’re not tech-minded the pints are pretty cheap anyway

6.Bradford (£2.72)

Bradford students didn’t score to highly in the unis having the most sex. But we can probaby put that down to pints being just £2.72. Very cheap.

5. Sheffield (£2.70)

Did you know, Sheffield has some of the best street art around? We say this because we think it would be an incredible day out to check all of them out, hopping from bar to bar for cheap pints.

4. Swansea (£2.60)

There’s some incredible events in Swansea this year. Check them out and pre-drink with some wonderfully cheap pints.

3. Leeds (£2.55)

There’s loads of things to do in Leeds, it’s one of the top student cities in the UK. We also think it’s great because of the fantastic beer prices. At just £2.55 a pint, there’s not many better places to learn.

2. Coventry (£2.50)

Warwick University has (probably) the ultimate student DJ in the famous Disco Dave. His nights are wild and crazy. And at £2.50 a pint, we think we know why.

1. Kingston upon Hull (£2.40)

And here are the winners, the magnificent city of Kingston Upon Hull. It may not be one of the bigger names in the list of student cities, but it sure does a mighty cheap pint.