Trying to pick a graduation outfit is no easy task, but luckily for you, there are now some sick customs that are inspired by UK universities. Why not pair your graduation cap and gown with these kicks for a truly on point outfit? Check out the trainers inspired by UK universities here.

The Otley Run

University of Leeds x Nike Air Max 97s

uni of leeds trainers
Source: The Sole Supplier

These trainers feature rich greens, ripple lines and bright red reflective piping and laces. The colours come together to form an understated, sleek and stylish finish, which is completed with the Nike Swoosh. The trainers are playfully loud, yet still classy enough to match the big social life and intellect of Uni of Leeds students.

The Cambridges 

University of Cambridge x Nike Dunks 

cambridge university trainers
Source: Sole Supplier

These flashy shoes are Nike Dunks with vibrant red accents, mortarboard lace tassels and a flashy custom Cambridge pattern. They are stylish, subtle, and just flashy enough to brag your way into a high-paying grad role.

The Durham Forums

Durham University x Adidas Forums

durham university trainers
Source: Sole Supplier

Adidas forums are a great shoe regardless of the design, but these reimagined customs are possibly one of the most fashionable UK university inspired trainers on this list. The multiple shades of purple are a homage to the famous Durham university colours, with a glimpse of the university crest just above the sole. They’re the kind of trainers that you would wear for more than just a graduation.

Elite Feet

Loughborough University x Air Jordan 1s

loughborough university trainers
Source: Sole Supplier

This peak sporting university of course has a pair of peak custom trainers. The Air Jordan 1s are the best choice for such a sleek uni, and the midnight purple base with black finishes just perfect this custom design, The work on the high street or the football pitch, and will definitely carry you all the way to victory!

The Oxfords

University of Oxford x Adidas Superstars

oxford university trainers
Source: Sole Supplier

Keeping up with their rivals, The Oxfords sneakers are perfectly subtle, with a white base and dark blue features, complete with a mortarboard tassel and the university crest. Delightfully simple, unlike the achievements of all the students.

The Mancunians

University of Manchester x Nike Dunks 

manchester university trainers
Source: Sole Supplier

MAnchester is nothing if not proud, and these Dunks show exactly that. The base of the show is a lovely simple white, and then the laces, sole and lateral heel are a delightful purple. Pair that with the sunny logo on the Nike Swoosh and the small crest on the inside of the shoe, and you’ve got a great pair of kicks for any Mancunian student.

The Imperials 

Imperial College London x Air Jordan 4s 

london university trainers
Source: Sole Supplier

These chunky shoes are great for a commute across London, the whites of the shoes are complemented by a red, blue, black and yellow accent and a small subtle crest on the sole of the shoe. The laces also have a mortarboard tassel hanging down, just to remind everyone on the Victoria line that you are in fact, better than them.