Looking for a new job that is a bit different? Bored of the usual 9-5 in the office? Then look no further. We have compiled together a list of some of the weirdest and strangest jobs out there, and many of them actually look quite fun. So have a look and see what takes your fancy!

1. Pet Food Tester

Pet Food Tester

Yep, this job is exactly what it sounds like. Companies will pay you to taste the food we serve to our furry companions in order to improve the nutritional value and taste for our pets. Funnily enough, you cannot just walk straight into this job, you need to have a background in food science in order to be suitable for this role.

2. Professional Sleeper

Professional Sleeper
Credit: Career addicts

This job was advertised by a hotel in Finland in order to find someone to test the quality of their beds. The successful applicant will get the chance to try out a different bed every night and write a review on how they found each one.

3. Fake Mourner

Fake Mourner
Credit: Metro

Unfortunately, there are some people out there who won’t have many mourners at their funerals, so this is a job that you need to advertise for beforehand obviously. This is a very well-paid job, with employees getting paid up to £50 an hour. This job first became popular in Asia and the Middle-East with mourners being briefed on the deceased life’s to make sure their mourning seems authentic too.

4. Full-time Netflix viewer

Full-time Netflix viewer
Credit: DollarSprout

Being paid to watch TV all day sounds amazing and Netflix has made this dream job come true! Netflix has hired someone to watch all of their content before it becomes available to the public to stream. You cannot just sit and watch shows without some work involved as the successful applicant has to write reviews and assign the shows to the correct genre category, but apart from that, this job sounds great!

5. Teddy Bear Surgeon

Teddy Bear Surgeon

Technically this is called a ‘Teddy Bear Repair Technician’ and every major Build-A-Bear shop has one. This job consists of sewing a teddy bear’s appendages back on to the teddy bears and repair their clothes. However, if you do not want to work for Build-A-Bear there are lots of doll and teddy bear hospitals looking for employees in this role too.

6. Snake Milker

Snake Milker
Credit: Future Goals

Once more, this job sounds exactly like what it is. This person’s job is to collect the venom from poisonous snakes in order to be used in medication. Obviously, whoever is successful in this job will need a steady handy Well, it is certainly different from milking a cow.

7. Marmite Taster

Marmite Taster
Credit: Daily Mirror

You should probably love marmite if you plan on applying for this job. The man who actually undertakes this job is Sir John Skelton and as part of his role as a marmite tester, he is responsible for checking the texture and flavour of each batch of marmite that he tries. He has been doing this job for 30 years, he must be sick of the stuff!

8. Professional Sleeper

Professional Sleeper
Credit: NAIbuzz

Now, this sounds like the perfect job for me!

NASA wanted to examine the effects of lying still for 70 days on the human body and whilst that may sound like heaven to most of us the purpose for this was to see how the human body would cope if it had to lie still for 70 days in order to be transported to another planet. People were paid £12,000 if they were successful in their application and it sounds pretty good if you ask me.

9. Zombie

Credit: Law

This position is usually advertised by London Dungeons and they even hold auditions to find the best actors for this role. The job consists of scaring tourists as they walk through the exhibits and dark rooms, not bad for £30,000! And if you are a really good zombie, you can even advance through the ranks to better roles such as Jack the Ripper.

10. Train Pusher

Train Pusher

You’d never complain about your train being late again if you knew that some poor employee was actually pushing people onto the thing!

This job actually exists in Japan, people with this role are called ‘Oshiyas’ and their role is to literally push passengers onto their trains to make sure everyone is on board and the train can set off as soon as possible. Doesn’t really sound as fun as the teddy bear surgeon, to be honest.

11. Deodorant Tester

Deodorant Tester
Credit: The Plaid

This job consists of literally poking your nose into other people’s armpits in order to determine whether or not the deodorant in question is fulfilling its duty. Unfortunately, this one does not sound fun or even remotely interesting, but someone’s got to do it!

12. Chicken Sexer

Chicken Sexer
Credit: Career Match

A chicken sexer’s job is simple. All they have to do is identify the gender of chicks and whilst it may not be that interesting, at least they get to work with animals!

13. Ostrich Babysitter

Ostrich Babysitter

Tired of babysitting children? Then just swap them out for ostrich chicks instead. All you need to be qualified for this job is to prove that you have graduated from high school and to demonstrate that you can take care of animals and occupy them. Really, all you are being employed to do is make sure these little chicks don’t hurt each other or go missing. Sounds like a fun afternoon to me!

14. Mondelez Chocolate Taster

chocolate taster
Credit: Pexels

Mondelez are the people behind Cadbury and Oreo. And they regularly hire people who ‘like confectionery’ and have a ‘good knowledge of the English language’. Fit those? Want money? And free chocolate? Stupid questions, right?

15. Professional Bridesmaid

Professional bridesmaid
Credit: Pexels

Now this may sound a little… sad. But it isn’t! Professional bridesmaids are there to help you deal with the stresses of wedding planning and handle any issues that come up on the day. That way you don’t have to yell at your drunk Uncle, they’ll do it for you!


16. Waterslide Tester

Credit: Pexels

Are you an adrenaline seeker, and a water baby? Then this may be worth looking into. You have to go on waterslides, and then just rate them on adrenaline, splash, safety and uniqueness! Oh, and did we mention that they’ll often pay you to travel across countries to get to the slide of choice?

17. Crisp Inspectors

Credit: Pexels

We all love a good crisp. But what makes them good? If you can describe your perfect crisp, then maybe this is your ideal job. It may not be healthy, but nothing this good ever is.

18. Ice cream tasters

Ice cream
Credit: Pexels

Earn more for a sweeter tooth! If you’re one of those people who never tire of ice cream, make it your vocation! Just taste and tell, it really cannot be simpler.

19. Fortune cookie writer

Fortune cookies
Credit: Pexels

Are you wistful and spiritual? Or are you able to pretend to be, at least? Then your future holds happiness. Writing tiny fortunes sounds easy right? And even easier when you’re likely to be able to earn as much as £46 per hour!

20. Golf ball diver

Golf cart drivers
Credit: Pexels

This has a wide range when it comes to salaries, we suppose it depends on how rich the golfers are! But if you can dive, a career choice for you is golf ball diving! All you have to do is go in search of the pearly whites in the pitches pools.

21. Life model

Life model
Credit: Pexels

Now, this really involves confidence and perhaps even no shame. As you have to get naked in front of groups of people at a time and letting them draw you in all your glory!

Last Updated on September 2, 2022