Love them or hate them, dating apps have made their mark on the world of romance and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. There really is an app for everyone, whether you’re looking for something more committed that’s ‘designed to be deleted’ or a casual no strings attached vibe. With hot girl summer pending, we’ve made a list of the top 10 free hook up apps that you should know about so that you can go ahead and live your best life. Happy swiping!


How does Tinder work?

First up on our list of free hook up apps requires little introduction. Tinder is perhaps the most well-known hookup app on the market. It is certainly the most popular, boasting 55 million matches to date. It’s easy to use too, as unlike apps like Hinge, Tinder doesn’t ask you to come up with witty prompts for your profile. You don’t even need to fill in a bio. Just put up some pictures of yourself, and get swiping. (Just make sure you don’t get Tinder Swindled.)

Top 10 free hook up apps that you should know about
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Pros of Tinder:

With such a huge database, you probably won’t have to spend a huge amount of time swiping before you match with someone who floats your boat. Plus, Tinder is pretty straightforward, so if you’re looking for a low investment app, this could be your match. You can check out some of the funniest ways to start a conversation on Tinder here. 

Cons of Tinder:

Although the app does have a reputation for leaning toward casual dating and hookups, there are still a few brave souls out there using the app to try and find love. The best way around this is to simply be upfront and honest early on with matches so no wires get crossed.


How does Grindr work?

Grindr is a location-based app used for social networking and hookups for gay, bi, trans and queer people. It has a similar feel to Tinder, however, the main difference is the layout. Rather than swiping through accounts one by one, on Grindr profiles are presented in a grid-based on how close your proximity is to other users.

Top 10 free hook up apps that you should know about: Grindr

Pros of Grindr:

The app aims to destigmatise casual hookups. The result? Straightforward and open conversation that cuts out the small talk.

Cons of Grindr:

Dating online can take a mental toll on anyone, regardless of whether you’re looking for hookups or something more serious. In recent years, Grindr has been criticised for making its users unhappy (you can read a full article on that here.) So, if you’re going to use Grindr (or any other dating app for that matter), just make sure you take regular breaks and time away if you need it. Your mental health is more important. Plenty of matches will be there for you when you get back!


How does Blendr work?

Similar to other free hooks up apps on this list, Blendr uses your location through a Facebook link to set you up with singles looking for something casual. The good thing about this app is that the more information you share about yourself, the more you’re able to see about others. This means you can soft stalk your match before you link up in person to suss out if they’re legit. That, along with the huge selection of potential matches, makes this app really popular with students and young people looking for a hookup.

Blendr app
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Pros of Blendr:

Like Grindr, users of Blendr are very straightforward with their intentions. Perfect for if you’re looking to skip the chit chat. The app is also very popular with 20 somethings, so if matching with people who are likely students or young professionals is important to you, this app could be the one.

Cons of Blendr:

Users of Blendr will know that there is such a thing as too much choice. It is easy to get bogged down in the huge selection of people using the app, which can make it frustrating to use.


How does HUD work?

A champion of all things casual, if you’re looking for a free hookup app where people know the score, HUD is a great option. Even joining the app is a low investment, as all you need is your mobile number or your Facebook and you’re all set!

HUD app
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Pros of HUD:

Boasting the tagline of ‘why be limited to one option at a time’, the app does what it says on the tin and is great if you’re looking for something with no strings attached. The database is pretty substantial too, with 9 million people on the app, so you’re likely to find people you like pretty quickly.

Cons of HUD:

The app’s ease of access is as much a strength as a weakness. On HUD, users can join anonymously, which can increase the likelihood of creeps or people messing around. It is worth mentioning that HUD has added an auto blur feature on their video chat to respond to safety concerns though.


How does Bumble work?

Whilst Bumble doesn’t market itself as a hookup app. However, the amount of hilarious and frankly bizarre experiences you hear about the app through the grapevine has earnt it a spot on our list. The main distinction between this app and others on the market is that women message first. Also, you have to message back within 24 hours of receiving a message. Great for if you’re looking to move things fast, and less great for pesky ghosters. Win, win.

Bumble app
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Pros of Bumble:

Bumble is attempting to level the playing field for women in online dating by shifting power dynamics so that women message first. Whether you’re on the app for dating or a hookup, the whole point is to feel empowered. Let’s be honest, this is massively refreshing for dating app users.

Cons of Bumble:

If you’re looking exclusively to date casually, Bumble might require a bit more leg work to figure out who is on the app for hookups vs who is looking for a relationship. You’ll still find plenty of people looking for a casual encounter though but you might just have to be a little more patient.


How does Ship work?

A free hook up app with a twist! Ship takes the pressure away from you sifting through potential matches and allows friends to swipe for you. The idea is your friends know you better than you do and could spot a match that you might miss. So, this app is great if you’re after something more casual because your friends being there takes the pressure off and creates a relaxed atmosphere. So if you can bear the 2012 Tumblr fangirl ‘I ship them!’ flashbacks, this app could be the one for you.

Ship app
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Pros of Ship:

If all else fails, you’re bound to have a laugh with your friends with this app. At long last, a way to make your dating life a joke on purpose has finally arrived!

Cons of Ship:

The app is reasonably new, so doesn’t have the same number of profiles as the big-league apps yet. But we’re watching this space.


How does Casualx work?

Next up on our list of free hook up apps is Casualx, which is essentially Tinder exclusively for hookups. As the name suggests, users of this app are looking for no strings attached sex, from one-night stands to FWB.

Casualx app
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Pros of Casualx:

The app hasn’t let its casual agenda detract from making its users feel safe. All profiles are manually approved before they’re uploaded. This means you’re less likely to match with bots and stock photos than on other apps.

Cons of Casualx:

The database is still quite small, so your matches might be far away. Which is more than a bit annoying if your casual one-night stand involves an hour’s commute on two trains.


How does Pure work?

If you’re looking for casual sex like, right now, then look no further than Pure. This free hook up app is so speedy it’s like fast food, but with people. All you need to do is submit a request outlining the gender you’d like to hook up with, where you’d like to meet and finally, match!

Pure app
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Pros of Pure:

What makes Pure one of the best free hook up apps is that whilst it aims to act fast (your profile will only be visible for an hour at a time!) it is set up so that it is empowering for its female users. The support team also has a reputation for responding speedily. So, if someone is giving you the creeps either online or IRL, you have help on hand fast.

Cons of Pure:

You have to move fast as your profile is only visible for an hour. So, if you feel more comfortable having a bit of chit chat before hooking up, Pure might not be a great fit.


How does 3Fun work?

For all of you adventurous souls out there, 3Fun is a free hook up app designed to help people find a threesome. You can match with individuals or couples, with the app recommending matches based on location.

3 fun app
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Pros of 3Fun:

Couples looking for a third party can log in to a ‘couple’ account on both their phones, so it is easier to communicate with matches. The app also has photo identification features to help people swipe scammers and fake profiles.

Cons of 3Fun:

Unfortunately, the app has been criticised for having a few bugs with its match filters.


How does Lover work?

Okay, so whilst this isn’t a traditional hookup app, experts claim this app can radically improve your sex life. In fact, 87% of people said they experienced greater sex life satisfaction after using Lover for just a week! Not bad, eh?

Lover app

The app offers guides, quizzes, educational games and videos to help you learn more about yourself and spice up your sex life. The app states that it holds ‘the power of sex therapy, from the privacy of your phone’. So, whether you’re after a hookup, in a relationship, or committed to being single, Lover can help make your sexual experiences more enjoyable.

Pros of Lover:

This app is great to have in your toolkit if you’re looking for better, healthier sex. This is especially true if you enjoy using hook up apps, where it’s more than likely you’ll have a few…shall we say, unsatisfactory experiences. The better you know yourself, the easier it is to tell your partner what you like without the fuss.

Cons of Lover:

While the app is free to use, you do have to pay £9.99 a month for premium content.

That’s a wrap on our top 10 free hook up apps you should know about! Did we miss any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments!

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