It’s undeniable that student loans barely stretch to pay rent nowadays.

Which means students are forced to go out into the world of work to earn some extra cash, which most of us do.

But, there are a creative few who find other ways of making money, including stripping and even selling their used undies on the internet.

Some universities seem to have more panty sellers than others, but who has the most?

Well the lovely people at PantyDeal polled their users to find out how many of them went to UK unis and which unis they went to.

Find out down below (pardon the pun).

15. Bath


20 users.

14. Liverpool

Liverpool University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - - 328793

23 users.

13. Oxford

oxford-1378638 640

29 users.

12. Bristol

Arts and Social Sciences Library, Bristol University - - 163822

30 users.

11. Nottingham


32 users.

10. Exeter

6818344276 794f47e79c z

53 users.

9. Warwick


67 users.

8. Leeds

University of leeds

74 users.

7. Brighton

university of brighton

98 users.

6. Manchester


100 users.

5. Glasgow


138 users.

4. Cambridge

cambridge-449209 640 (1)

139 users.

3. Birmingham

Millennium Point building, Birmingham

145 users.

2. Kent


223 users.

1. London

london-eye-2089952 640

366 users.