Going to university is the start of a new chapter many people will go through in their lives as they step into the adult world and choose a degree they hope to pursue a career in. However, choosing the best university to go to is a big decision and there are many things to think about. How good the university is in terms of the course and what they have to offer, as well as the city and the social side. Here are some of the best tips for choosing the best university for you.

1. Look at different prospectus online

look at a university prospectus

Once you’ve decided on the course you want to do, this is the next best step for you to do so you can see what is on offer for the course you want to do and see what university offers the best.

There are many things you must think about when finding the best course for you, whether that’s a course with more coursework or exams, or the modules on offer that will interest you more. A prospectus is the best to look at as it will explain everything a certain course will offer and what you can do each year.

2. University league tables

alternative university league table

Similar to looking at prospectuses this is a top tip for when you have finally decided what course you want to pursue. The internet allows you endless access to the top university tables, such as The Complete University Guide. This lists the best universities in order depending on certain criteria such as student satisfaction. You can also filter the top universities specifically for the course you are wanting to study.

There are also numerous league tables to help you establish how good the cities social life is. After all, we don’t just go to university to study but to also have a hell of a good time. Check out the top 25 hardest partying universities in the UK and the top 50 universities for sports in the UK.

You can also check out The UK unis with the best employer reputation to see the statistics of employment after graduating.

3. Open days

bath open days

Open days are an amazing opportunity for you to get a real feel of the university you are thinking of going to. It is also a chance to see what facilities are available to you for your specific courses such as a TV studio for a journalism course or the labs for a science course.

You might find now that many universities do a “virtual open day” online as well, so you can see what the university is like in real life if you are unable to attend the actual open day.

Also, if you’re feeling brave reach out to others who are currently attending your university of choice. You may know someone from your college who attended the university, or you can simply reach out to people online. Social media makes it so easy to connect with people. There are always groups on Facebook for universities so join one and reach out with your questions.

4. Location


This is a vital step you must consider when thinking of your options for university. Does it have a good social scene? Is it far enough from home but still close enough to travel back? Is there anywhere near I can get a part-time job easily? If you want the answers to these sorts of questions then research, research, research!

Many university websites tend to have a separate tab that will explain what the city has to offer and the things students want to know. Also check out our city-specific section to find out the best bars, restaurants and things to do in your chosen city as a student.

5. Statistics

university statistsics

The Uni Guide is the best website to gain access to these sorts of statistics for individual universities. Looking at statistics is important when choosing the best university because it judges how good the specific course is at the university and helps you decide if this is the best fit for you.

The sort of statistics available to you includes student satisfaction, teaching and learning, assessment and feedback and even data for after graduation such as the percentage of graduates that achieve a job within six months of graduating and an average annual salary they receive.

Whatever university you decide to choose, it is vital you do some research to help you know how to choose the best university for you. And that includes research into not only the course you want to do but the actual university you want to attend and surrounding city. This research is what will help you decide where you will spend the next three years of your life and begin your next chapter.

Last Updated on September 14, 2023