As anyone who has an Instagram account will tell you, the social media platform is about so much more than posting photos. It’s a place to catch up with friends, stay up to date and find inspiration. However, not all time, is time well spent online and when you’re at university, time is precious. So if you’re a student, make sure you give these essential Instagram accounts a follow this year. That way, you don’t have to feel so bad about your screen time stats. These are the top Instagram accounts that every university student should follow.

Shit You Should Care About

Shit You Should Care About is a New Zealand based Instagram account that brings you world news in bullet point form. It’s a great Instagram account for time-pressed students, as it allows you to stay informed with the news, without haven’t to search for it. It’s no surprise this account is popular worldwide with 3.5 million followers to date. If you are keen for more, the team also run a podcast and web series too.

The Good Quote

Do you want to be a little bit more profound this year? Then make sure you give the Good Quote Instagram account a follow. This inspirational account posts plenty of motivational and thoughtful quotes that are both entertaining and enlightening. It’s a great space to retreat to if you are looking for some inspiration or a little bit of positivity in the coming year.


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Takeaway Trauma

We’ve all been there. The hangover is worsening, the hunger is growing and we’ve set up camp by the front door, eagerly awaiting our Uber Eats order. Then as we rip off the packaging, we gaze in horror at the contents- What. Is. That? Takeaway Trauma is an Instagram account dedicated to traumatic takeaway reviews. It’s a hilarious and at times, incredibly disturbing, source of information.


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Tinder Nightmares

Here’s another Instagram account that every university student will relate to. Tinder Nightmares posts, you guessed it, date trauma stories. Prepare to laugh, cry and crawl up in a ball from horror. One thing is for sure, it’s guaranteed to make you feel a little bit better about that crappy date you went on last week.


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Groupon UK

Here’s an account that’s a little bit more useful. Groupon UK  is one of the top Instagram accounts for university students. It’s the best place to go when it comes to scoring deals and discounts. On their Instagram account, you can find inspiration for activities to do and places to go. You’ll also be able to snag great discount codes so that you have more money to spend on the essentials.


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Chances are you’ve heard of Depop, a fashion marketplace that’s popular amongst those looking to buy and sell used clothing. If you’re looking for general fashion inspiration or perhaps one to share your own stayed outfits then head to Depop’s Instagram account. Who would have thought there were so many fashionistas out there?


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Humans of NY

If you’re ever feeling like you’re in need of a little perspective then be sure to check out the US Instagram account, Humans of New York. Created by Brandon Stanton, HONY features photos and stories from individuals that Stanton has come across in the city. There are some truly heartwarming and inspirational people on there and it’s a great account to retreat to if you’re feeling a little lonely or uninspired.


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Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is a fitness and health influencer and a great account to follow if you’re looking for some motivation to work out this year. On her Instagram, Isines posts motivational quotes and bite-sized workout videos for you to do at home. Gotta work off those cheesy chips from last night.


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Last but not least. For all of your essential university content, head to Unifresher official. Here you’ll find information on everything from applying to uni to managing your student finance. You’ll also find out about the latest deals and discounts, alongside memes and quotes from university students across the country.


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Know any more essential Instagram accounts that university students should follow? Let us know in the comments or drop us a message on our social media accounts. Heading to uni soon? Be sure to check out our list of the most Instragrammable student accommodation in the UK.