If you’re fretting about how to show your loved one a good time this Valentine’s Day, we have some ideas for some unique Valentine’s day date ideas you can try from home. Who needs expensive date nights and fancy restaurants?

1. Try some crafts

unique Valentine's day date ideas from home

Even if your partner isn’t the creative type, doing some crafts together can be a really fun way to spend Valentine’s day.  Try clay molding, painting, scrapbooking, or whatever comes to mind. The best part is that at the end you’ll have a memento to remember the day by.  Check out some great craft ideas here.

2. Be a tourist in your town

Unfortunately, you can’t be whisked away to Paris this year so why not play the tourist in your own town? There’s often gems hidden away like little independent cafes or parks. Exploring will help you create more memories to make you smile on rainy lockdown days.

3. Visit your favourite places

For most couples there’s many special places locally, so taking a tour of them, reminiscing over good memories can be a great way to spend Valentine’s day 2021. If you want, you could plan a trail or treasure map for your significant other to take them on a tour of relationship.

4. Recreate your favourite restaurant

With lockdown in full swing, we’re unable to get to restaurants so a great alternative is to recreate your favourite place at home. Although a takeaway would be easier making drinks and cooking with your partner is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s whilst saving your pennies.

5. Movie marathon

Pick your favourite saga and snuggle down with some popcorn and wine. This is a great way to spend a relaxed Valentine’s day. If you’re feeling extra, make some snacks based on the film, for example for Star Wars ‘Wookie Cookies’ are the perfect treat.

6. Lazy day

Give yourself the day off to spend with your partner. Start your day by spending all morning in bed with pancakes and cuddles. When you’re ready to get up, you could give each other massages followed by a romantic bath/shower. After that, why not make a cake or dessert together and do some crafts/games together. Finish off with a meal and your favourite film.

7. Recreate your first date

Recreating your first date can be a great way to rekindle those butterflies you felt at the start of your relationship. If you went to a restaurant, recreate the food you ordered or if you went for coffee, go grab one from your favourite cafe. Get creative and remember to tell your partner what you felt that day and how much you love them.

8. Game Night

Over the last year many of us have discovered a love for board games, jigsaws, online games, so why not plan the ultimate tournament? Go head to head with your partner to win the main prize, maybe they have to do the dishes after dinner or pay for the takeaway? Whatever you fancy, this is a great idea for playful, competitive couples.

9. Conversation starters

Of course, you and your partner have a great conversation all the time so conversation starters may seem redundant. However, online you can find loads of questions you never thought to ask and in turn, learn lots about your partner. Print off a template, cut out the questions and place them in a bowl, then, over a glass of wine, pick out the questions and get ready to learn and laugh with your partner.

10. If you’re single…

Some of us are single this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Valentine’s day. Send cards to your loved ones, Valentine’s doesn’t have to just be about romantic love! Great options include calling your single friends and telling your worst dates stories or creating presentations of your top 3 celebrity crushes. If you don’t fancy social interaction, why not have a pamper day, put on your favourite face mask, have a boujee bath and watch your favourite show.

Although being stuck inside is hard, we think it gives us the opportunity to make Valentine’s day even more special with our recommendations.