In a society full of photoshopped images, fashion trends and toxic media, a lot of us have never learnt how to love our bodies. But, the world is evolving, and people are starting to post about loving ourselves as we are. So who are these influencers posting about body positivity?

Holly Hagan

Holly, from Geordie Shore, is known for her looks. But recently, Holly has started posting more body positivity content. She’s trying to show the facade that is social media, how angles and positioning mean everything. Her post shows her side by side on the same day, in the same clothes, but with different angles, and the captions ‘not a before’, ‘not an after’.

We think she looks great with and without the pose.

Maria Fowler

The ex TOWIE star and mum of 2, Maria Fowler has recently been joining the body positivity efforts. She’s been posting things similar to Holly, but also adding in Instagram pictures of her own post-baby body!

In the caption, Maria talks about all her scars – mental and physical – and how without them she wouldn’t have got to where she is in her life, with those who love her, and wouldn’t have landed a career. She’s taking the step we all need to take, accepting the bits about ourselves we don’t love!

Montana Brown

Love Islander Montana is also well known for her slim body and well-kept tan, but she’s recently worked with Skinnydip to create an inclusive swimwear brand: Swim Society. The brand aims to fit as many sizes and shapes as possible, and is boasting #NoHouseRules when it comes to who or how to wear their cossies!

Gina Martin

A British political activist, author, and body positivity advocate, Gina Martin regularly posts about a wealth of things, one of which being loving ourselves. Most famous for criminalising ‘upskirting’ photos, she talks about loving your ideas and your body, and working hard for what you want. Recently, she worked with Nyome on Instagram to change their policies on photographing POC plus-size bodies.

Bodyposipanda (Megan Jayne Crabbe)

Megan is an author, creator and ‘woman with opinions’, according to her Instagram bio. She has over a million followers, and is dedicated to body positivity, reclaiming our sexualities, and trans/LGBT rights.

Tiffany Ima

Tiffany is an anti-diet ED survivor, who posts about her opinions and how to love and look after your body. She promotes separation of body and worth, working to be healthy but not to be ‘successful’ or ‘worthy’, but to be healthy – and only if we want to.

Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam has a hormonal disorder called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This means that her hormone levels are a little different to other people – and she’s learnt to embrace it. This means that instead of removing the excess hair her body creates, Kaur has built a platform from it, which she uses to promote body positivity and confidence!

Winne Harlow

Winne has a rare skin condition called Vitiligo, meaning the cells which produce melanin (the chemical which provides pigment to skin) do not work well enough, and so her skin appears both black and white. She has spoken out about this, and is now a model and influencer, loving herself rather than doubting!

Em Ford

Em is working, through her platform, to #redefinepretty. She discusses not just body positivity, but skin positivity. As someone who has suffered with adult acne, Em now works to help others with similar struggles to work towards self-love.

Kelvin Davis

‘Notoriously Dapper’ Kelvin is an advocate for men’s body positivity. His Instagram focuses on loving your body as a man, whether its Hemsworth-buff, or dad-bod like, or even if you’re the well-loved ‘noodle boy’ build.

Chris Mosier

Famous for more than just being an influencer, Chris was the 1st trans athlete to make the men’s Team USA. The BBC has called him ‘the man who changed the olympics’, and he isn’t stopping there, now he’s taken to Instagram to share love and fitness. He posts about trans rights and existing in a trans body.

So if you’re finding it hard to love yourself and want some online moral support, check out these influencers and their communities. You’ll be sure to find inspiration.