Keeping Up With The Kardashians started filming in 2007, and over the 20 seasons, so much has happened! From family rivalries and fights, to lavish parties and pranks. Now the show has ended we wanted to share our picks for the show’s top twenty most iconic moments.

20. Kim’s Bentley

Credit: The Hollywood Gossip

Who can forget one of the earlier episodes of KUWTK where Kim finally got her dream Bentley. Although her sisters were not as happy as she wanted them to be, and the night ended with her swinging her handbag towards Khloe.

19. “Don’t copy me”

Credit: Hollywood Life

A reoccurring theme across the KUWTK series is that Kim does not like to be copied. In 2017 she told her family not to copy her Christmas decorations and accused them all of being unoriginal. She goes around the store declaring what she has already bought and what her family are not allowed to buy. But it seems Kim has not learnt her lesson, as in 2019  she accused Kourtney of copying her style, leading to the two having a massive argument.

18. Kris’ Allergic Reaction

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Back in 2012, Kris has an allergic reaction to something she ate during a family vacation to the Dominican Republic. However, while anyone else’s family would be sympathetic in this situation, the Kardashians and Jenner brood could not hold in their laughter at Kris’s trout lips.

17.Kylie and Kendall’s graduation

kendall and kylie graduation
Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

One of the sweetest moments across the series was when the family planned Kylie’s graduation! But it became also became a belated graduation for Kendal as well. Thanks to the perks of fame, neither had a traditional graduation, but a massive party with all their family and friends seemed to do the trick.

16. Sisters use disguises

Credit: E! Online

We have all heard of celebrities disguising themselves so they can go about their day like normal, but Khloe and the Jenner’s took it to the next level. While Kylie’s disguise may have been the least convincing, a ginger Kendall covered in freckles, and a fake nose certainly was. Plus, Khloe was completely transformed into a grandma, with the makeup adding at least 30 years.

15.Kim’s crying face

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Oh, Kim. While the model, media personality, socialite, businesswoman, stylist, producer, and actress may look beautiful most of the time, she is not when she cries. Something her sisters love to point out, especially Kourtney, who can’t help but laugh when her sister cries.

14. Kris’s Monkey

kris jenner monkey
Credit: Kardashian Empire

There’s only one thing to do when all your children grow up, and that’s getting a monkey. Her daughters decide to borrow Susie the monkey so that Kris has someone to look after for the day. This is definitly an iconic KUWTK moment, as what other family would think borrowing a monkey is a great idea.

13. When Kris makes fun of Kim’s 72 day marriage

kim 72 day wedding
Credit: E! Online

There have been so many weddings during KUWTK it’s hard to keep track of who is married to who. But one marriage we will never forget is Kim’s 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries. Kris likes to bring up the topic all the time, so this is another reoccurring theme rather than a specific moment.

12. Do you know a toeologist?

Credit: People

Who can forget that Kris Jenner is the ultimate prank caller. Back in 2017, a clip shows her and Khloe hanging out in the garden calling random numbers and day drinking wine. Kris prank called all sorts of numbers, including hotels and a bakery.

11. Kendal and Kylie fight over dress

Credit: Daily Mail

All sisters fight, and the youngest sisters are no different. Kendall is downstairs in a beautiful gown whilst Kendall is upstairs in an equally stunning gown looking for a dress to borrow for after the event, as when they all have dinner afterwards, it would be nice to have something she can sit down in. This is reasonable enough, but Kylie kicks off and refuses to let Kendall borrow a dress. Telling her to send someone to pick up one of her own dresses from her own home.

10. Khloe the artist

Credit: Medium

Back in 2018, Khloe and Scott teamed up to play an unforgettable prank of Kris Jenner, who Khloe thought was an art snob. To get back at her, Khloe made a few of her own paintings, which Scott then showed to Kris. He told her they were Vandalay originals, and she was desperate to have one.

9. Kylie has a boy in her room

Credit: Youtube

In one of the series earlier episodes, Kylie is seen being yelled at by Bruce after she has a boy in the bedroom. However, whilst we understand Bruce’s frustration, they were literally just ordering pizza. But it was definitely one of the more memorable moments surrounding Kylie’s childhood.

8. “I am the view”

kourtney kardashian
Credit: BuzzFeed

Kourtney says some of the best lines in the show, but the most iconic was when Scott complained to her that she was blocking his view. The personality was quick to remind him that she is the view.

7. When North checks if Kim has make up

Credit: Galore Mag

In recent years the KUWTK series has seen a baby explosion, with all of the sisters having children, except Kendall. Kim’s eldest North has certainly been raised right, as a cute clip from the series shows her asking Kim if she is wearing makeup before smothering her kisses.

6. Rob re-gifts Kendall’s present

Rob re-gifts kendall's gift
Credit: E! Online

In 2016 Kendall finds out through social media that Rob re-gifted the iPad, keyboard and pen she got him for Christmas. He had re-gifted them to Blac Chyna who the Kardashian and Jenner’s were not on great terms with at the time. Kylie was there when Kendall found out and kept Kim updated whilst Kendall called Rob demanding the gift back so she could give it to someone who would actually be grateful.

5. Experience!

Kendall tells Kylie experience
Credit: Youtube

After Kylie has a fight with her boyfriend, Kendall reminds her of some important things. She tells Kylie: “I think you should experience it, you always say I want to experience things, but I don’t think you actually want to experience things as you would experience it if you actually wanted to experience it.” Kendall later added that she wanted Kylie to experience being single and not being hung up on a boy.

4. Kardashians impersonate each other

KUWTK impersonate one another

No other family would think dressing up as each other would be a good idea. The sisters and Kris all dressed as one another and then did not hold back. So many hilarious remarks were made, and the cherry on top was Kendall showing us how Kylie applies her lipstick.

3. “Kim, stop taking pictures of yourself; your sister is going to jail”

"Kim, stop taking pictures of yourself, your sister is going to jail"
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Making it into the top three most iconic moments is when the family had to drop Khloe off at jail. But not grabbing the severity of the event was Kim, who could be seen taking selfies the entire time. Kris even had to tell her to stop taking pictures of herself because her sister is going to jail.

2. Kim Loses Her Diamond Earring In The Ocean

Kim Loses Her Diamond Earring In The Ocean
Credit: BuzzFeed

Another iconic moment, clearing dubbed as a ‘first world problem’ is when Kim lost her earring. After her boyfriend pushed her into the ocean she realised that one of her diamond earrings, worth $75,000 had fallen out. She was filmed telling Kris and ugly crying. Meanwhile, Kourtney made things much better by reminding Kim that people are dying and this is not a disaster.

1. “Is that a chicken?”

"Is that a chicken?"
Credit: Fly Live

Oh, Kylie, Kylie, Kylie. When Kris visits Kylie, she brings an adorable little pig with her. However, Kylie mistakes this pig for a chicken… It was probably hard to see it from upstairs, but really a chicken? They are not the same colour, size, or texture.