It has been a long time coming. We’ve missed the bikini-clad girls fawning over guys in ultra-tight white skinny jeans. So when Love Island flickered onto our screens on Monday night, we all had a glass of vino in hand and Twitter ready to go. But if any of you didn’t watch the premiere episode of Love Island 2021, here’s what you’ve missed so far. Keep tuned for all of our Love Island updates!

Love Island cast 2021
Source: Metro

So far…

In the first episode, we saw the ladies first. Kaz was the first girl to appear, followed closely by Liberty, then Sharon, Faye and Shannon.

Kaz has revealed already that she just “wants a guy to rail” her, and Liberty responded that she needs someone who can “handle her extra hot sauce”. We can’t wait to see exactly what she means. All of the girls seemed to be besties from the get-go, and we love all of them already.

The men were then revealed, and Jake dropped a juicy foot-fetish secret instantly – that’s right ladies, he’s a foot man. We also met Aaron, Hugo, Toby and Brad.

As they were introduced to the ladies, they got to show their interest. For Jake, Liberty came forward. Aaron got the attention of both Kaz and Faye. Hugo, unfortunately, didn’t grab anyone’s attention instantly, and nor did Toby. The results of the introductions and the first pairings are:

Jake and Liberty, Hugo and Sharon, Aaron and Shannon, Brad and Faye.

For the rest of the show, we got to see the couples take part in a game of dares, which involved a cheeky snog, some toes, and a very wet ear.

Who is the most popular?

At the moment, data analyst Chloe Morgan’s analyses show that Kaz is the audience’s favourite member of the cast. She’s followed by Liberty, Toby, Brad, Shannon, Hugo, Sharon, Jake Aaron, Chloe and Faye.

The couples’ rankings look pretty similar, with Toby and Kaz sitting at the top of the list, and Brad and Faye at the bottom. Although, if we’re talking about Instagram popularity, this all changes.

Since episode one aired, the stars have gained thousands of new followers. Brad has gained the most, racking up a whole 47.1k new people on the social media app, in stark comparison to Jake, who has only managed to gain himself 6.7k new followers.

In the middle, we have Chloe, who has racked up 10.7k, Shannon at 11.4k, Aaron with 12k, Toby with 14.3k, Kaz with 18.8k, Hugo with 19.3, Liberty with 20.1k, Faye with 20.4k, and then Shannon who has picked up 32k new followers.

Okay, okay… time for the drama

So far, the series is kind of… well… drama-free. In fact, people have outright whined about it. Pretty much the only juicy stuff we have so far is Kaz’ candidacy about sex, Jake’s taste for toes, and Hugo losing the ability to teach.

Hugo and no more school

Before the show, hunky Hugo bragged about being a PE teacher in Devon. Since being contacted, the school has revealed he was actually on a ‘very short placement’, and ‘not employed’. The school has refused to common further.

It would seem unlikely following this and his actions on the show already, that he will be able to find many teaching roles after the show. 3 days into the season, we have already heard all about Hugo’s road escapades (him and a girl had sex in the middle of the road) as well as his ‘half-night stands’. Yep. You read that right, don’t expect breakfast, or even a good morning from Hugo.

And the cliffhanger

The best bit of the show so far must be Chloe’s arrival as a bombshell at the end of last night’s episode. She invited the boys to a late night picnic, and we’re sure tonight’s episode will have all of the drama and excitement we’ve been longing for. Reports say someone is going home already!