Sex can be an embarrassing topic to discuss at any age.

No matter how old you get, hearing the words penis or vagina can make even the most stony-faced of us break out in nervous giggles.

But, not only will no-one talk about sex, but we’re all so pressured into being pros at it, which can make it pretty tricky to turn to someone when you have a genuine quibble about the subject.

No wonder some students have taken to the internet forums at The Student Room to solve their cum-undrums — too far? OK never mind.

Here are the 50 most outrageous sex queries asked by students to reassure us all that it’s OK to not know everything about sex, even at uni age!

50. “I’m addicted to smoking with my vagina, how do I stop?”

49. “I have started a No Fap challenge and am nearly at 30 days, however there is a hole in my teddy bear between the legs that I want to use. How can I resist the urge?”

48. “Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant?”

47. “Is there anything I can do to stop crying after masturbation?”

46. “Do Asian guys really underperform?”

45. “Can you get syphilis from kissing?”

44. “How do I stop feeling guilty after masturbation?”

43. “When do males stop getting random erections?”

42. “Is my penis too small?”

41. “Was I born with herpes?”

40. “Have you ever used cucumbers/bananas/other veg for impure purposes?”

39. “I masturbate four times a day, is is too much?”

38. “Can I watch porn with the uni wifi?”

37. “My girlfriend keeps saying my semen tastes sweet, is that a bad thing?”

36. “Is it bad on my first time to ask the girl if we can listen to the Weeknd?”

35. “What is a soggy biscuit?”

34. “To engage in sex does the male have to retract the foreskin of his penis?”

33. “Why do so many girls hate foreskins?”

32. “Does it make me weird for getting off while watching a movie of someone pooing?”

31. “Can you poo a willy out?”

30. “I’m a guy who loves to wear tights and masturbate in them. Is something wrong with me?”

29. “Does masturbation effect muscle gain?”

28. “Can you get pregnant from pre-ejaculation through clothes?”

27. “How often should you wash your penis head?”

26. “I’m straight but I get turned on by the sight of a penis?”

25. “I’ve got 3 holes adjacent to each other below my foreskin. Help.”

24. “Is it true that excessive masturbation can shrink your penis?”

23. “What counts as saggy breasts?”

22. “How do I measure my penis?”

21. “Can I get the STD clinic to delete my records?”

20. “What can I do to make myself last longer when I have sex?”

19. “How can you get rid of visible veins on boobs?”

18. “I want to lose my virginity to a prostitute, are they safe?”

17. “Do drugs show up on a chlamydia test?”

16. “Will I be a virgin forever?”

15. “What’s a normal amount of time to last in bed?”

14. “Will using a dildo hurt?”

13. “I’m turned on by the smell of my dirty underwear, is that normal?”

12. “How can I make my penis bigger?”

11. “My vagina smells sometimes, is that normal?”

10. “I masturbated so hard my penis is bleeding, what should I do?”

9. “How do I get rid of my fetish?”

8. “When I go down on my girlfriend I can’t breathe properly, am I doing it wrong?”

7. “What’s the best way to shave my bum crack?”

6. “I squirted on my mattress for the first time and don’t know how to clean it up.”

5. “Why does it hurt when I orgasm?”

4. “Do attractive people’s poos smell nicer than unattractive people’s?”

3. “Do penis pumps work without damaging my genitals?”

2. “My penis and cum smells sweet, is that normal?”

1. “I may or may not have had a tampon stuck inside me for nearly two months, should I see a doctor?”