Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ll be well-clued up on the release of season four of Sex Education.

From funny, to dramatic, to tackling important topics, Sex Education has got us all talking, about, well… Sex. And as uni students getting down and dirty as often as possible, this is always well received.

Having binge watched season 4 in quick time, it’s time to reflect on the moments Sex Education has made us all go *yepppp, I FEEL that*.

sex education jackson
Source: Netflix

#1 Trying something *ahem* new at uni

Is there any better time to explore one’s sexuality than at uni? We think not. Whether it’s finding your queer side, or experimenting with your latest fling, uni is the time for new experiences and trying new things.

Nevertheless, Sex Education’s Jackson Marchetti was giving us all the ‘ooooohhh’ vibes when he tried a little… bum stuff. Guys, it’s totally normal, roll with it.

#2 Taking a job you have no idea how to do

Uni is all about trying new things and this often comes in the form of work. We’ve all fudged a CV to make our paper round sound far more complex, right?

Well, we couldn’t help but relate when Sex Education’s Adam Groff took on a job he had no idea how to do. Teach horse riding…

We’ve all been there…

sex education otis hangover
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#3 Having a hangover so bad that you think you’re gonna die

If it wasn’t freshers’ week testing your drinking capacity, there’s always a student night prepared to see how much you can withstand. But oh my, when the hangover hits, you’re gonna know about it.

Sometimes, that 9am, 11am or even 2pm lecture just isn’t happening. Soz.

But if we ever felt seen, it was Sex Education’s Otis’ lingering hangover after his out-of-hand house party and oops, sleeping with Ruby.

adam and ola
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#4 Making unlikely friendships

When you first start uni, freshers’ week earns its renown by encouraging you to hang out with all kinds of people, some of whom you may never see again, barely remember, or only hang out with when half snoozing through a lecture.

But amid the rounds of shots, you often make some unlikely friendships. Whether you’re an introvert suddenly hanging out with the football captain, or a gym buff finding common ground with the girls’ netball team, uni is the place where you make those unlikely friendships.

For this one, let’s look back a little! And what better friendship to spotlight than that between Sex Education’s Adam and Ola.

jean milburn
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#5 Crying in secret

We get it, uni can be a scary place. It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed, miss home, and wanna curl up in your duvet and never leave. Especially during freshers.

Making the transition to uni life can be pretty daunting. Especially when you’re feeling homesick, surrounded by new people, and put simply, kinda want your Mum. It’s normal.

But you know what? Sometimes we just need a little cry to get ourselves together again.

Season two of Sex Education opened up the vulnerable side of Jean Milburn, as her relationship with Jakob hit the rocks. Jean simply smiled, left the room and had a little cry in silence. We feel ya, Jean.

#6 Finding out someone has a crush on you

It isn’t always easy to figure out relationships at uni. From flirting with some guy in your halls, to locking eyes with that girl in your joint lecture, it happens.

But there’s nothing better than finding out someone has a crush on you, especially when you’re feeling a little… uncertain. Are they just being friendly? Do they just wanna be mates?

Well… Season two saw one of our favourite relationships blossom – Eric and Rahim. Sure, it became a bit of a love triangle with Adam, but still, it was super cute.

otis and jean
Source: Netflix

#7 Going home for a bit of motherly advice

Minus getting your washing done, heading home for a bit of motherly advice can work wonders. Whether you’re feeling homesick, anxious about uni or confused over someone you fancy, your Mum has always got your back.

And so, was there any better moment than when Jean apologised to Otis after writing her book about his erm, *inabilities*…

“You’re not supposed to know the answers to anything. You’re going to be just fine.”

Sometimes, you just need a little reassurance, right?