The long-awaited 90 Day Fiancé UK season 2 is finally on its way, and the anticipation among fans is palpable. The hit reality show, renowned for its twists, turns and romantic drama, is set to premiere on 16th July 2023 on discovery+. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season and a recap of the rollercoaster ride that was season 1.

What is 90 Day Fiancé UK about?

90 Day Fiancé UK season 2

90 Day Fiancé UK is a reality television series that explores the complex dynamics of long-distance relationships. The show follows six British individuals and their overseas partners as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of their relationships over 90 days, all with the objective of discovering if their love is the real deal. From suspicious friends and cynical families to sweet reunions and epic trips across the globe, 90 Day Fiancé UK brings a unique blend of romance, drama, and real-life challenges to the small screen​1​.

Where can I watch 90 Day Fiancé UK?

The new season of 90 Day Fiancé UK will be available to stream on discovery+ from 16th July 2023​1​. So, mark your calendars and get your popcorn ready for the perfect summer binge-watch!

What happened in the first season?

The debut season of 90 Day Fiancé UK introduced us to eight riveting couples, each with their own unique love story. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the most memorable moments from the first season.

Kadie and Alejandro, who met on an international dating site, were one of the standout couples of season 1. Despite the challenges of deciding where to start their lives post-wedding, the couple is still going strong. After spending six months together in the UK, Kadie revealed she would be spending four months in Alejandro’s native country, Mexico​.

On the other hand, not all couples were as lucky. Bridie, a mother of two, met Host while playing computer games online. Despite having the “deepest emotional connection” she’s ever had, the couple is no longer together​.

Meet the season 2 cast

90 Day Fiancé UK season 2

The upcoming season promises more drama and heart-warming moments with a brand-new cast. Here’s a sneak peek at the couples set to take the spotlight in 90 Day Fiancé UK season 2.

First up, we have Shane, a hairdresser from Devon, and Mert, a barber from Turkey. The couple met in Turkey and have been involved in a whirlwind romance since then. Due to legal restrictions in Turkey, they are exploring the possibility of getting a visa for Mert to live in the UK​/

Michael, a father-of-two from Essex, and Mercy from Kenya found love on a dating app. They are planning their wedding, but Michael’s friends are sceptical about Mercy’s intentions, raising questions about whether he’s blinded by love​​.

Louise, a single mother from Gloucester, and Jose, a rapper from Colombia, met on social media and hit it off immediately. While they are eager to start a family, Louise’s loved ones have reservations about Jose’s intentions​.

Robert from Glasgow and Assel from Kazakhstan have been together since 2021. Despite Robert confessing his love, Assel hasn’t reciprocated the sentiment yet. Their relationship will face a significant test as they spend their first Christmas together​1

Self-proclaimed “princess” Tionne from Derby has high expectations from her partner David from the Dominican Republic. She has already chosen the pricey ring she expects him to buy for her. The question is, will David be able to sustain Tionne’s extravagant lifestyle when they’re married​?

Rebekah from Chesterfield and Cristian from Argentina have already secured a venue for their wedding later this month, adding an extra layer of pressure to their relationship.​

Finally, you’ll also be delighted to see familiar faces in the new season. Kadie from West Yorkshire and Alejandro from Mexico, a couple from the first season, will be returning. However, their relationship hits a few bumps in the road as they prepare for their big day​.

With its authentic portrayal of love, conflict, and the challenges of long-distance relationships, 90 Day Fiancé UK has managed to capture the hearts of viewers around the world. As we gear up for the second season, one can only wonder what surprises await us. Will the couples make it to the altar, or will their relationships crumble under the weight of cultural differences and familial pressures? Only time will tell. Get ready for what’s to come from 90 Day Fiancé UK season 2 with the official trailer.

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