Healing crystals have been used for thousands of years and are thought to be able to transfer the natural power of the world back to us. As we place more and more value on looking after our mental and physical health, these healing crystals have as much importance today as they did years ago. For those just starting to discover these powerful stones, there is a lot to learn, with hundreds of crystals boasting different powers and properties. So, to help you out, we’ve come up with a guide to 10 of the main healing crystals and their meanings.

How do healing crystals work?

If you’re new to crystals, then you may be confused as to how they work. Well, let us explain. Essentially, crystals are said to have healing properties because of the high vibrational frequencies that they possess. It’s thought that they affect and interact with the own energy field of your body. Therefore, you channel or even redirect your energy into different avenues. Although the scientific evidence behind healing crystals is highly debated, it is commonly acknowledged that the power of crystals in order to help the user manifest desirable outcomes is highly effective.

How do healing crystals work?

Choosing the shape of your crystal

When choosing a healing crystal, it’s not just the type of stone that is important but rather the shape of the crystal too. Here are the main differences

  • Cube – A cube has solid grounding energy and creates calm and balance
  • Pyramid – A pyramid connects earth to heaven
  • Point –  Crystals with a point can be good for directing energy and are often used for manifesting
  • Sphere – A sphere offers full harmonic energy that comes from all sides
  • Tumbled Stones – Tumbled stones can be easily carried as talismans or placed on chakras

Top 10 healing crystals and their meanings

Did you know that there are actually hundreds of healing crystals to choose from? With each of these holding different powers and benefits, there is a lot of learning to be done. To start you off, here are our picks of the top 10 healing crystals and their meanings.

1. Rose quartz

Best for: Establishing a sense of self and calming the mind

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful stones, the rose quartz is an incredibly powerful crystal for those wanting to cultivate more self-love. This stone helps to both deepen your relationship with yourself, as well as those around you.  It works by helping to balance, calm, harmonize, and heal the body, mind, and spirit.

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2. Jade

Best for: Shifting your mindset and regaining clarity

Next up, if you’re wanting help with shifting your perceptions, then the healing stone, Jade, might be exactly what you need. In fact, it is thought that the jade crystal has the ability to transform negative energies into positive ones. This has the intention of promoting joyfulness, love and a sense of clarity and calm. Therefore, it’s a great healing crystal if you are feeling a little bit of control or overwhelmed by forces in your life.

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3. Tigers’ Eye

Best for: Dealing with anxiety and restoring confidence

Following on, Tigers Eye is a particularly good healing crystal for university students who may be struggling with anxiety. This crystal works to restore confidence, alleviate anxiety and balance the soul. It’s also thought to provide protection against negative energy (beware toxic ex’s!)

4. Malachite

Best for: Gaining control and alleviating some menstrual problems

Likewise, the Malachite is an incredibly powerful stone that has a vast array of healing properties. Primarily, it is thought to help people take calculated risks and teaches them to take responsibility for their thoughts, actions, and feelings. It is also thought to have some powers on the physical body too, working to help balance mood swings, heal cramps, alleviate menstrual disorders, and boost the immune system. Therefore, this is a great healing crystal for females.

5. Opal

Best for: Intensifying feelings of love and passion

Calling all those in pursuit of love, this one is for you. Out of all of the healing crystals, Opal has always been associated with love and passion, desire and eroticism. In fact, it works by intensifying emotional states and loosening inhibitions (like wine but without the nasty hangover.)

6. Jasper 

Best for: Alleviating stress, helping with organisation.

Perhaps you’re struggling with stress due to university or personal issues? Then Jasper is a healing crystal that should be able to help. This crystal is known as a supreme nurturer, helping to support through stressful periods and offering a feeling of tranquillity. Likewise, it also aids organisational and quick thinking skills, which means that it would be great for stressful exam periods.

7. Topaz

Best for: Healing and soothing the body. Offering protection.

Next up, if you feel that there are many aspects of your life that need healing, then Topaz may be just the crystal for you. In fact, Topaz has been said to soothe, heal, re-motivate, and bring the wearer strength, loyalty, beauty and protection. Likewise, it’s also said to promote wisdom, enlightenment, good health, virtues of leadership, and love.

8. Amazonite

Best for: Stimulating creativity and promoting clarity of mind.

Amazonite is a healing crystal that symbolises hope and truth. In fact, this ancient stone that is known for its beauty and healing properties is known to help cleanse your aura of toxicity. It works by helping to calm your chakras, promoting a sense of harmony and clarity of mind. Likewise, for creative souls, it’s a great stone for those delving into artistic pursuits, as it can help you tap into your imagination. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this stone is absolutely gorgeous to look at.

9. Clear Quartz

Best for: Establishing a sense of self and  internal balance

The Clear Quartz crystal has an appealing, glacier-like appearance and is supposed to be one of the most powerful healing crystals. In fact, it’s known as an amplifying stone meaning that it will give back whatever energies you give to it, but in a much larger force. Therefore, it can be used to gain clarity, improve memory and establish a sense of balance.

10. Obsidian

Best for: Enhancing truth, protecting against negativity. Letting go.

Last on our list, we have Obsidian. This powerful stone protects the user against negativity and helps to enhance truth. It also helps to stimulate emotional growth and draw out mental tension. Therefore, it’s a great stone to use following an emotionally draining period such as a difficult breakup.

So, now you know all about some of the different healing crystals and their meanings. Stay tuned for more spiritual related content. In the meantime, head over to Unifresher’s main page for more reading.