I’m sure many of us had high hopes for 2021: everybody would be able to go outside, travel, and celebrate every occasion possible. However, this is England, and so every day is entirely unpredictable. And so with that, many Valentine’s Day plans have been put on hold for this year, but that doesn’t mean they have to be cancelled! We have compiled a list of the best virtual surprises to celebrate this occasion if you are away from your partner because we all deserve to feel the love this year. Let’s take a look.

Virtual Breakfast

virtual surprises
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Now many of us probably wish that we could have a nice lie-in with our significant other on Valentine’s Day and be treated to a breakfast in bed whilst watching some soppy Rom-Coms on Netflix – however us unfortunate ones living apart from each other can’t exactly do that anymore. But it doesn’t mean you can’t still make breakfast together! I know it might not be the most realistic substitute, but why not FaceTime or Zoom each other and cook together that way? Treat yourselves to a video session of pancake, a full English, or even just toast crafting, because although you can’t be with each other physically, you can still have tonnes of fun virtually.

Virtual Cocktail Making

Virtual Cocktail Making
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With pubs and bars having been shut for a few months now, Valentine’s Day rituals of ‘going out’ are postponed for this year (hopefully just this once) and so date night has to move online, yet again. However, because of our trusty friends FaceTime and Zoom, you can now combine a virtual experience with cocktail making, so you can still have a boozy date night with each other. There are many online classes offering virtual cocktail crafting that you can check out, or if you fancy sticking to your favourites, have a peek at our article here for more cocktail recipes.

Send a care package

virtual surprises on Valintine's day
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Being apart from someone for a while, particularly on Valentine’s Day, can begin to feel quite lonely, because it comes to a point where sometimes texts and calls just don’t substitute spending time together. So, in times like these, showing that you still love and think about your significant other, a care package is a great way to help cheer them up – what’s even better, the box is completely personalised for them! The list of what you can include is endless: their favourites snacks, films, body wash, new pyjamas, candles, your perfume, little treasures that remind you of them, plus even more. With many stores also releasing their Valentine’s Day ranges, I can guarantee your partner will really be feeling the love this year.

Movie Date Night

virtual surprises on Valentine's day

Going to the cinema hasn’t been possible for nearly a year, and with Netflix becoming our main source of entertainment, it can also be a great date night idea for Valentine’s Day. Grab some popcorn, savoury snacks, and drinks, and you can set up Zoom to stream a movie of your choice, virtually together (psst maybe surprise them with their favourite film for some extra brownie points). Another option that’s available is Netflix Party, an extension that allows you to synchronise your choice of show, allowing you both to watch it in real-time together, discuss the plot and share many emotions with one another as the film goes on.

Plan An Outdoor Walk

virtual surprises on Valentine's day

Okay so this isn’t exactly virtual, but with the new lockdown rules having been extended, you are actually able to see your significant other, socially distanced of course. Two people from separate households are able to do one form of exercise together, so whether that be going for a walk, run, bike or hike, you can actually see your partner on Valentine’s Day. Although it may not be the same as previous years, it’s much better to spend some actual quality time together rather than only being able to see them online. So grab a couple of flasks, hats, and gloves, and make sure to head out on a romantic wintry walk in your local area.

Get Creative With Your Gestures

virtual surprises on Valentine's day
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Planning a romantic surprise can be tricky, especially with the virtual era we now have to live in. But that’s still not an excuse not to surprise your significant other with some romantic gestures! A very personalised surprise that I can guarantee every partner will love is a scrapbook of your relationship – your pictures, travels, favourite moments together, inside jokes, literally anything! You could also write a letter to them entailing the same memories of your favourite times together, how you felt when you met, and even when you fell in love. Special gifts like these are great surprises for your significant other that I can guarantee will end in happy tears.

Scavenger Hunt

virtual surprises on Valentine's day
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Scavenger hunts are an amazing way to have some fun and celebrate Valentine’s Day together – virtually, of course. One way to explore this surprise is by getting the parents involved in helping set it all up for you. Hand them some presents you’ve bought for your partner, and they can be as little or large as you like, and allow them to place the gifts around the house with notes and clues leading the trail. Not only is this an insanely adorable way of showing your admiration for one another, but it also lets the family get involved on the celebration of love, making lockdown that extra bit special.

Games Night

virtual surprises on Valentine's day

Now, would lockdown celebrations really be complete without a Zoom games night? I highly doubt it! With video calling now being the modern twist on pub quizzes, there’s no reason why you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on Zoom too. There are many games you can take your pick from, such as Mr and Mrs, who is most likely to, who knows each other best bingo, the list just goes on! Just grab your breakfast and cocktails that you’ve just made together (it’s never too early for celebrations) and see who can really be crowned the best valentine.

And there we have it, just a few of the best ideas on how you can surprise your significant other! Being apart from each other comes with many ups and downs, but remembering the love you have for one another is the best thing to get you through these tough times, because no matter what, you’re only one call away (and hopefully not for much longer).