When you think of modern pop culture, Beyoncé’s name undoubtedly surfaces among the legends. With her striking fashion sense and her ability to reinvent herself, she continues to be a significant influence in the world of style. If you’re lucky enough to be seeing her live as she embarks on her latest tour, then you need to get your style right. Beyoncé’s recent album and tour, ‘Renaissance’, has welcomed back some classic looks like cowboy boots and glitter and chrome. While there’s lots of advice for what women should wear, there’s not as much for men. So with that in mind, here are Beyoncé Renaissance outfit ideas for men.

Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’: Shiny, silver and alien-inspired

Inspired by the grandeur of the Renaissance period, Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ album and tour introduced a new wave of fashion trends. Her outfits, a blend of modern and classical elements, have been a significant talking point, inspiring fans to experiment with their style.

While the Renaissance-inspired outfits are primarily tailored for women, men need not feel left out. The fusion of historical fashion and contemporary chic offers countless possibilities for men’s attire. Whether you’re looking for a unique style for an event or simply want to try a fashion-forward look, here are some Beyoncé Renaissance outfit ideas for men. Our choice of men’s Beyonce ‘Renaissance’ outfit ideas are all about staple items and clever choices of materials. So even the addition of a disco cowboy hat or ruffled shirt can point you in the right direction.

Men’s Beyonce ‘Renaissance’ outfit ideas


Beyonce renaissance tour outfit ideas for men
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Beyoncé has been seen donning corsets plenty of times, and if you’ve been dying for the chance to channel queen B – it’s now. Corsets definitely give a nod to the opulence of the Renaissance, while also being Beyoncé-approved, making them a great outfit idea for men.

Studded denim jackets


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Studded denim jackets sends a definite 90’s vibe and the flashback we never knew we needed. When thinking of outfits for men for the ‘Renaissance’ tour, Beyoncé would defo be proud of anyone delivering studded denim. You could even have a go at making it yourself.

Cowboy hats


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‘Renaissance’ tour outfit ideas men can choose from are quite futuristic. Cowboy hats have definitely made a comeback (did they actually go away?). In fact, google searches for disco cowboy hats have gone up due to Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ tour, and it’s a great statement outfit for men to use.



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Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ tour showcased a palette of silver, white, black and lots of metallics. Don’t shy away from incorporating these into your ensemble. Think space astronaut and you’re probably on track for a great outfit idea for men, mirroring the outfits of Beyoncé herself during the ‘Renaissance’ tour. Metallics are probably the quintessential ‘Renaissance’ tour outfit ideas men can incorporate.

Faux fur jackets


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We obviously don’t mean real fur, but a faux fur bolero, jacket, hat or whatever you like would go down soooo well. It’s cosy but cute, and is the ultimate vintage fashion statement and therefore the best outfit idea for men attending the Beyoncé ‘Renaissance’ tour.

Ruffled shirts

Beyonce renaissance tour outfit ideas men
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A staple of Renaissance fashion, ruffled shirts were a symbol of elegance and stature. Incorporate this into your wardrobe by choosing a shirt with delicate ruffles along the collar and cuffs. Combine it with modern trousers for a seamless blend of old and new.

The fusion of Beyoncé’s modern glamour with the classic elegance of the Renaissance era opens up a world of unique fashion opportunities for men. So, take inspiration from the queen of pop herself and dare to embrace a style that is as bold, unique, and timeless as her ‘Renaissance’ album and tour.

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