We’ve all had that panicked feeling rushing to McDonald’s before 10:30 to get that well needed egg and sausage McMuffin, especially on a hangover! Well this could be a thing of the past… prepare to get extremely excited!

McDonald’s are pushing back their breakfast menu to serve up until 11:00am… Yes you heard us right, you have an extra half an hour to race to your local and get that breakfast you need.

McDonald's breakfast

This will start from Wednesday 20th November, so remain in bed for a little longer, nursing that inevitable hangover before you have to race down to McDonald’s.

This decision hasn’t come lightly for McDonald’s who went through a trial period where they extended the hours in 122 restaurants in the South of England. It must have gone well as they are now ready to take this national. This also includes Ireland!

This might seem ultra amazing for most of us but this may not come as the best news to those who don’t take a fancy to the breakfast menu. Those who love their Big Macs will have to wait 30 minutes more before they can order off the normal menu… unlucky guys. Although if your ordering off that menu at 10:30 then there’s seriously something wrong with your eating habits…