The world of dentistry has seen a colourful revolution of late, with purple toothpaste taking the market by storm. This isn’t just about looking cool on your bathroom counter (though it does!); there’s a lot more to it. Purple toothpaste is said to make your teeth brighter and stain-free, with some brands being endorsed by celebs like Kim Kardashian. Purple toothpaste has now become a popular trend on TikTok too, but many are questioning whether it’s actually a trend worth buying into. So we’re looking at what experts are saying to answer whether purple toothpaste does actually work, and which are the best products to buy (and where can you get them)?

Does purple toothpaste actually work?

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Before we plunge into the depths of purple paste, let’s answer the pressing question: does purple toothpaste actually work? According to Dr Richard Marques BDS, teeth whitening toothpastes (including our trendy purple ones) do work, thanks to active ingredients like silica and pyrophosphates. These nifty substances lift stains and brighten the shade of your teeth.

Whitening toothpastes commonly work by eliminating surface stains from food and beverages, and by restoring the teeth’s inherent colour. However, some products assert that they can deliver whiter teeth after a single use, such as Colgate Max White Purple Reveal. Products like this use specific colour tones like purple or blue to employ an “optical enhancement effect,” which accentuate the whiteness of your teeth.

Purple toothpaste gets its hue from colour correcting technology, working in a similar vein as purple shampoos that banish brassiness from blonde hair. It works to correct yellow tones, making your smile appear whiter from the first brush.

does purple toothpaste work?

However, remember to look for a ‘non-abrasive’ label, since you wouldn’t want to damage the surface enamel with anything too harsh.

Despite the theoretical underpinning of purple being used to promote whiteness, not everyone sees the difference. This may depend on your teeth, the product you buy and how you use it,

How long does purple toothpaste whiten your teeth for? 

Customer reviews indicate that purple toothpaste, such as the Hismile v34 Colour Corrector, can make teeth appear less yellow and more shiny and smooth after a few uses. However, it is essential to note that this is a temporary cosmetic effect, akin to applying makeup, which enhances the brightness of your teeth for a few hours. A critical review on Amazon states that the whitening effect of the Hismile product may last for 3-4 hours, particularly if eating or drinking is involved. The reviewer suggests that the product is meant for special occasions when you want a temporarily brighter smile, not as a long-term teeth whitening solution.

On the other hand, some users of the GlorySmile Purple Toothpaste Whitening Foam report seeing significant improvement in the brightness of their teeth after a few weeks of consistent use. This customer highlights that stubborn yellow stains have noticeably faded, resulting in a whiter smile. However, other reviews on the same product are quite negative, with users reporting no difference after use.

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It seems the duration for which purple toothpaste can whiten your teeth is primarily a temporary effect lasting a few hours, according to reviews of the Hismile product. Nevertheless, consistent use over several weeks may lead to noticeable improvements in teeth brightness, as seen by users of the GlorySmile product. It’s essential to remember that results may vary among different individuals and the type of purple toothpaste used.

The best purple toothpaste products in the UK

Time to reveal the top 10 best purple toothpaste products that are all the rage in the UK.

Billion Dollar Smile Purple Tooth Polish

Packed with purple pigments, papaya enzyme, and vitamin E, it removes stains and restores the natural whiteness of the teeth with regular use.

Where to buy: Superdrug

Dr Richard Natural Whitening Toothpaste

Not strictly purple, but its natural teeth whitening properties with calcium carbonate and silica deserve a mention. Peppermint oil adds freshness.

Where to buy: Dr Richard London’s website

Curaprox Black is White Charcoal Toothpaste

Curaprox Black is White Charcoal Toothpaste

An activated carbon formula that absorbs stains. Not purple, but its natural whitening effect is worth considering.

Where to buy: Amazon UK

Spotlight Oral Care Toothpaste for Whitening Teeth

A go-to choice for a gleaming white smile. Details on its colour weren’t mentioned, but its whitening power makes it a great choice.

Where to buy: Boots

Colgate Max White Purple Reveal Whitening Toothpaste

Colgate’s first purple toothpaste, designed to correct yellow tones instantly. It’s clinically proven to remove up to 100% of surface stains caused by food and drink.

Where to buy: Boots

HIsmile’s V34

The application is straightforward, akin to using regular toothpaste, and it’s designed for individuals who seek to boost their teeth’s whiteness beyond traditional whitening or those who already possess a very white tooth shade. The product has shown promising results in a clinical trial with significant shade improvements and zero sensitivity

Where to buy: Amazon UK

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Last Updated on March 21, 2024