It has been a couple of weeks now since lockdown began and it’s starting to feel normal being cooped up at home. We are entertaining ourselves with home workouts, learning a new skill, binging on Netflix series and much more. However, fast forward a few weeks (hopefully) and we should be out of lockdown, finally free to go back to normal life.

I spoke with some students to see what you’re all looking forward to doing the most! Find out what these students are planning to do after lockdown is lifted…

Going to the pub

How we all miss the pub. There is nothing better than having a cold pint or a gin and tonic on a hot summer’s day with our pals, and the sunny weather we’re experiencing in the UK right now is just making the separation worse.

Ben Turner, who is currently on a work placement in Shropshire, said: “I’m 10000000% going to the pub” (yes, he did use that many zeros)

Out of the 20 students asked, half of them mentioned the pub in their response to our question. This just goes to show that corona might be able to take the student away from the pub, but it’ll never be able to take the pub away from the student.


Seeing friends and family

This period of isolation has everyone realising how much we miss our friends and family when we don’t see them for a few weeks. Particularly when we’ve been unable to see our elderly relatives and those most vulnerable.

For those students who have family abroad or maybe live abroad outside of term-time themselves, isolation has been especially difficult. Lollie Hancock from Nottingham Trent University said: “My mum lives abroad, so I’m on the first flight out of the country.”

Cormac Clarke, who also goes to Nottingham Trent University, added: “I will be flying back home to see my family who I wouldn’t  have seen since Christmas, but that is very much secondary to pints at the moment” (we told you pints are top priority for students!)



It’s not breaking news that many people from across the country will have had their holidays cancelled due to COVID-19, and this includes students as well. In May and June, many students will have planned to go on trips abroad with their friends to celebrate finishing exams, graduating or even just to celebrate getting through the academic year.

Laycie Beck, a journalism student, said: “As soon as lockdown is lifted, I’m planning on travelling, hopefully, a few road trips and I need to reorganise my volunteering trips that got cancelled and postponed due to the virus”

Many students have continued to work in retail during the pandemic to help the increasing strain on supermarkets, so it’s no wonder that some time off is top of their list for when this is all over. Melissa Cole, who works for one of the supermarket chains, said: “I’ll be having a month off work!”


Saying hello again to fast food

McDonald’s. A student’s one true love, which was taken from us too soon. The general public feels the same way about the popular fast food outlet, with drive thru’s experiencing long queues the day the chain announced its closure.

Meg Chadderton, a Nottingham student, said: “I want to go for a Maccies so bad! I also kinda wanna go back to uni and have a proper last day of term, but obviously, that depends on when the lockdown is lifted”

The experience of going to a coffee shop and ordering your favourite drink has also been largely missed. Of course, coffee is one of the major food groups for students and making your latte at home just isn’t the same! When asked what she’d do the moment lockdown is lifted, student Olimpia Zagnat said: “I’d get an iced latte and then go to the Arboretum in Nottingham and lay down on the grass.