Last night, Tommy Fury and Jake Paul took the ring in Saudi Arabia. Despite a fall in the final round, Tommy Fury won by split decision after eight rounds. He dedicated his fight to newborn daughter Bambi, claiming this fight was for her. If you looked closely, Fury seemed to be close to tears. Although he won the fight against Jake Paul, it certainly wasn’t the knock out in the 4th round we were promised. This begs the question – has Tommy Fury ever lost a fight, or has he won them all? Keep reading to find out!

Who is Tommy Fury and what is his relation to Tyson Fury?

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Tommy Fury was born on May 7, 1999, in Manchester, England. He is the younger brother of the famous boxer Tyson Fury, who is a former heavyweight world champion. Tyson Fury is known for his impressive boxing skills and his larger-than-life personality, which has included a feisty relationship with fellow boxer Anthony Joshua. The Fury family has a long history of boxing, with Tommy and Tyson both following in the footsteps of their father, John Fury, who was a professional boxer in the 1980s.

Growing up, Tommy Fury was inspired by his brother’s success in the ring. He saw Tyson’s dedication and hard work and knew that he wanted to follow in his footsteps. Tyson has been a mentor and role model for Tommy throughout his boxing career, offering advice and support along the way. Speaking after Tommy Fury’s fight with Jake Paul, Tyson commented “I’m very proud of Tommy. It was as big as any world title I’ve seen, it was one way then the other.”

In addition to his boxing career, Tyson Fury has also been open about his struggles with mental health and addiction. Tommy has been a vocal supporter of his brother’s journey to recovery and has offered his own support along the way.

Tommy Fury’s net worth and personal life

Tommy Fury personal life, dedicate fight to daughter Bambi, net worth
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Tommy Fury has a net worth of approximately £2.4 million, however he’s reportedly due to take home £3.7 million following the fight. This figure is mostly derived from his successful boxing career, but he has also made appearances on several TV shows in the UK. In 2019, he was a participant on the popular reality show Love Island, where he met his girlfriend, Molly-Mae Hague. They have been in a relationship ever since and have a daughter, Bambi, born in Jan 2023.

Fighting history of Tommy Fury


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Tommy Fury has had an impressive fighting career. His first professional fight was in December 2018, where he won against Jevgenijs Andrejevs. Since then, he has won against the likes of Scott Williams in February 2021, Daniel Bocianski in April 2022, and Anthony Taylor in August 2021. Overall, Tommy Fury has participated in nine fights to date, with fantastic fighting record.

So, has Tommy Fury ever lost a fight?

has tommy fury ever lost a fight?
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The answer is no; Tommy Fury has never lost a professional fight. He has an undefeated record, which is a testament to his skill and hard work. He has had a successful career thus far and continues to train hard to achieve even greater success in the future. Must be the Fury blood!