It’s possibly the most famous fast food chain of all time. Whether it’s for breakfast on a road trip or after a night out, McDonald’s is there to offer their classic Big Mac or McMuffin for any occasion. What happens, though, when these classics change?

McDonald’s is always changing and updating its menu and improving its recipes. A key date for your diary according to them is the 26th of June. This is when they are bringing in a new and improved bacon roll (now including sourdough and more rashers of bacon), along with new salads and ‘lighter’ lunch options. So how does the McDonald’s menu change, and how do you keep up?

McDonald’s menu UK

mcdonalds menu uk
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Significant updates to the McDonald’s menu are far, and few between; however, when the menu does change it is normally piloted at one branch in the UK. This means when something new comes around, it’s generally tried and tested and already pretty popular. The best way to keep up with these changes is to keep looking. McDonald’s extensive marketing and adverts means it’s not too difficult to spot when something new comes around. Other simpler ways are word of mouth. If someone has tried something they think is worth the fuss, it will often mean it is. If that isn’t enough for you and you still have an appetite for keeping up to date with new items on the menu then the McDonald’s social media pages are the place to be. Whether it be Twitter, Instagram or Facebook these pages have the most accurate and up to date information on any new foods coming to the McDonald’s menu, or when certain foods come back around, like the Christmas specials.

UK and beyond

Changes in the McDonald’s menu are seen all over the world, even being referenced to in pop culture. A Royale with cheese (which is a quarter pounder with cheese) was not only the subject of an entire conversation in the famous action flick Pulp Fiction but subsequently ended up as its own song. So we know that there are menu changes in France, but not only this but the menu changes all over the country. You can sample the delights of sausage and egg twisty pasta in Hong Kong or Mexico’s McMollettes (which are like bean, egg and cheese on bread). When travelling is allowed there are many things to be sampled which reflect the culture and key foods of the country you’re in.

The wrap of the day

It’s a modern classic of the McDonald’s menu, for £1.99 you get chicken selects in a wrap with a variety of different sauces. The key part of this being that the sauces change depending on the day, and while all the wraps are available all the time, the budget price of £1.99 is only for certain wraps on certain days. So this is the information that you need to know, when is it worth getting the wrap of the day?

mcdonald's wrap of the day
Source: McDonald’s

But don’t forget if you’re coming back from a late one the wrap changes over at midnight so don’t be disappointed if you mistime your trip.

A lockdown maccies

mcdonalds menu uk
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It may seem like an eternity ago but also worth mentioning that the last time we had a major change to the McDonald’s menu was their first opening for takeaway after lockdown 1 in March. The reason this was so significant was that they began by offering such a limited menu due to staffing capacities and social distancing. This meant they were only showcasing the most popular of the menu. The famous McDonald’s breakfast wasn’t included at all on the list while things like The Big Mac were at the forefront of the limited menu giving us all a well-needed taste of normality. It’s that taste of normality that we all craved, and it’s important to remember that it was the McDonald’s menu that delivered in those unprecedented times.