2020 has been a year to remember. Or forget, depending on which way you look at it. With bush fires, literal locust plagues, a pandemic, and Storm Bella finishing it off nicely, we really haven’t caught a break. So with New Year’s Eve around the corner, a lot of us are desperately trying to find ways to welcome in 2021, without breaking all the COVID restrictions. With most of the country being in Tier 2 or above, celebrating with the ones we love is not something a lot of us are able to do. Although, the tiers are being reevaluated on 30th December, but let’s not get our hopes up.

Even in the highest tiers, here’s how to celebrate New Year’s Eve despite COVID!

Ways to celebrate in Tier 2

Night Picnic
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Tier 2 rules mean that you can go to restaurants and pubs etc, but only with people in your household. Alternatively, you can meet in groups of up to 6 people from multiple households outside. This means that you and your flatmates can go and get a meal and a pint to start the night off! Or you can meet your friends for a chilly NYE picnic in the park or in someone’s garden.

You could also go to a local ice rink or any local Christmas markets. Maybe you could get a projector and have a movie night in your flat or in the garden with friends. You can always get a takeaway if you want the feel of eating at a restaurant with friends. Or, of course, you can arrange a Zoom party with everyone you love, and bring in 2021 virtually!

Ways to celebrate in Tier 3

New Year's Eve
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In Tier 3, you can’t go to the pub, or meet in gardens. But you can still meet your friends in groups of up to 6 people in places like parks, forests, beaches. So you can still go for that picnic, or have a drink on the beach. One way to keep NYE special is to dress up like you would any other year, and make it a memorable night.

This would work with doing Zoom calls too, get dressed up, get your drinks and snacks, and call everyone you love. Bring in the New Year with the biggest celebration you can get.

Ways to celebrate in Tier 4

New Year's Eve
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Tier 4 is essentially lockdown. You really can’t do a whole lot. This is where Zoom comes in. You can create a room for you and everyone you’d usually spend the night with, and play games or just sit and chat. If you’re looking for cames to play, try out online quizzes, Draw.io, Jackbox, heads up, or maybe even online Cards Against Humanity.

If you live with people, you could all go to the park together to celebrate. Or if you live alone you can meet your bubble indoors. You can also meet one other person outside that isn’t in your household or bubble, as long as you socially distance.

Ideas for a Stay at Home New Year’s Eve

  • Make some festive cocktails. If you need ideas for recipes, check out our Christmas cocktail ideas!
  • Call loved ones on Zoom
  • Watch New Years Eve programming, like The Big New Years In with Paddy McGuiness on BBC One
  • Play drinking games as a household
  • Karaoke online
  • Pop confetti at midnight
  • Pyjama party. Get your cosiest PJs, teddy bears and movies, and finish it off with confetti and some drink!
  • Take some photos! Buy a photo booth set and make some great memories.