It’s coming to that time of the year when a whole day is dedicated to love – 14th February – which is, of course, Valentines Day. Whether you are single (and ready to mingle) or you are happy in a relationship – but can’t see your partner due to lockdown restrictions – then all is not lost!

The next best thing is celebrating Valentines this year with your friends by your side. Here are some of the best ideas on how to spend your V-day this year with your friends.

Movie Night

how to celebrate valentine's day

For all the gal pals out there, then Valentine’s day is the best time to make your home chick flick central. Stuck on what films to pick? Well, it is time to pick out some of the soppy classics that you can’t go wrong with on the 14th. Where do we start? Well we have The Notebook – a tearjerker starring the hunky Ryan Gosling and gorgeous Rachel McAdams.

Or if you are on the lookout for something more upbeat that can get you up on your feet then look no further than the 1987 classic Dirty Dancing, starring the late great Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

Other movies on the nights list should include: Pretty Woman, My Best Friends Wedding, The Kissing Booth, Sleepless in Seattle, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, You’ve Got Mail and 13 going on 30. If you want more suggestions, check out our list!

To accompany the chick flicks, make sure you get in some of the girly drinks – the pink gin – and make sure you have loads of comfort food at reach.

Pamper Night

how to celebrate valentine's day

Valentine’s day is going to be a day when you are your friends are going to want to sit back and relax so its time to pamper yourselves (you deserve it). When we say pampering, we mean PAMPERING. If you never go full out then, V-day is the perfect time.

It’s the day to get the face masks, the nail polish, cucumber slices on the eyes and everything else needed to reach the optimum relaxed level. As well as all these requirements, it’s going to be PJ central wherever you are cause if you are going to relax, you are not exactly going to be comfortable in jeans…

Once again, you need some accompanying snacks to make the night perfect. Get some strawberries, chocolate and maybe even melt the choc to put over the strawberries!


how to celebrate valentine's day

if you want to take a more fun approach towards Valentines Day then playing games is the way to go. Although it is the day of love, you haven’t got to necessarily cater the games to the ‘love’ theme. If you have got a Wii (remember them?), then this may be the perfect opportunity to be nostalgic and bring out some old classics such as Mario Kart and Just Dance!

However, if you want to make the games valentines inspired then these could include valentines love song trivia, valentines’ charades or even a v-day scavenger hunt.

Baking and Hot Chocolate

how to celebrate valentine's day

If you are looking to be sober on Valentines (and hope to remember what you did the night before) then baking and hot chocolate is the way to go. If you are unsure of what you can cook that is V-day inspired then here are some options for you.

You could cook some heart-shaped cookies, a raspberry pink velvet cake, a sweetheart cheesecake, some brownie ice cream sandwiches or just brownies on their own. And remember, the more chocolate, the better!

The perfect drink to accompany all this scrumptious baking is, of course, hot chocolate and the extras you need is some marshmallows – big or small, your choice – and then the night is finally perfect.

Cocktail making – Valentinis

Source: Cocktail Dog

If you are missing out on Wetherspoons and their pitchers – due to lockdown – then there is no harm in creating some Valentines inspired pitchers (Valentinis) in the comfort of your own home.

First of all, you are going to need some pitcher glasses, and if you can find them, some pink or red spoons inspired straws. Now it is time to think what sort of cocktails can you make that are valentines inspired?

Well on the list we have a Valentines Sex on the Beach, Chocolate Martini, Single Sangria, Giggle Juice and many more to be discovered.

So, if you are stuck on what to do in order to celebrate Valentines with your friends, then here are plenty of ideas for you to get inspired.