The East Midlands Railway is a service many can use to travel, by train, across England. Additionally, their railways enable one to travel across Europe to destinations such as Paris and Brussels. However, 2020 was filled with complete uncertainty that has spilt into 2021. This means that travelling has become more difficult. Flights have been cancelled and trains delayed. If your East Midlands Railway train is delayed, here is how to make a Delay Repay claim.

East Midlands Railway delay repay claim
Source: Business Traveller

Claiming Compensation

If your train has been delayed by at least 15 minutes when using the East Midlands Railway services, you are eligible to claim compensation, and a Delay Repay claim. You will receive your claim within 28 days of the delay. This can be done so by BACS, credit or debit card, Amazon vouchers or PayPal. Another option is to donate your compensation to Samaritans. You can also apply for a refund due to the inability to travel. East Midlands Railway works using a system that also allows you to claim for more than one journey at a time. They allow you to make a Delay Repay claim for up to 5 delayed journeys at the same time.


When disruptions occur, a refund can be claimed, ensuring the reasons are valid. You simply apply for the refund at the place where the ticket was purchased. If done so online, log into your account and follow the instructions given, to receive the refund. When claiming compensation, it is advised to send in proof of any disruptions, such as a photo of your ticket – whether this is of your physical ticket or a screenshot.

How much money can be claimed for a Delay Repay claim?

The length of the delay determines the amount of compensation you will receive when claiming your Delay Repay. If the train is delayed by 15-29 minutes, then 25% of the single ticket cost will be returned, or 12.5% of the return ticket price. If the train is delayed between 30-59 minutes: 50% of the single ticket’s price will be compensated and 25% of the return ticket. If trains are delayed by 60-119 minutes then 100% of the single ticket is refunded, similar to if a train is delayed by 120 minutes or more, then 50% of the cost of the return ticket will be refunded. The rules for a Delay Repay claim differ for those who are Season Ticket holders. Instead, compensation is based on the proportionate cost of a single journey up to a maximum payment of the full day’s journey cost per day.

By using their simple, efficient system, East Midlands Railway can make claiming a Delay Repay much easier and quicker. It enables one to travel during these unprecedented times and ensures customers will receive a refund if their journey remains incomplete due to delays.