We can all remember the days before the pandemic, and the summer of 2019 was the last one we could enjoy properly. But the song we were all listening to back then was Old Town Road, whether we were listening to music on our phones, the radio, that song was everywhere. Making it no surprise that the artist, Lil Nas X, is worth millions! Here is everything you need to know about his net worth and how he made it.

Who is Lil Nas?

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Montero Lamar Hill, otherwise known as Lil Nas X, is an American musician who is most famous for his country rap single, Old Town Road, which went viral on Tik Tok and then topped the charts. Nas is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and internet personality. Plus, he is the only artist to come out as gay whilst their song was at the top of the charts, and in 2019 he became the first openly LGBTQ+ black artist to win a Country Music Association award. Since then, Nas has won numerous awards, and at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, he was the most nominated male artist, which is also a huge achievement.

How much is he worth?

Lil Nas
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Thanks to his success, Nas now has a net worth of approximately $7 million, although some sources suggest it could be as high as $14 million before taxes. Either way, he is doing very well and bought his first house earlier this year. A beautiful modern home in California worth $2.35 million!

However, this net worth does not take into account the new shoe line Nas is releasing, where people are expected to pay up to £1000 for a pair. Plus, with his debut album coming out soon his finances are expected to see a huge increase by the end of the year.

How did he make his money?

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The country rap single Old Town Road was released in December 2018, after Nas recorded it at a small studio in Atlanta in less than an hour, during their $20 Tuesdays. Then Nas created memes for the song on Tik Tok, where the catchy song went viral in early 2019. A short while later, in March 2019, Nas was signed by Columbia Records, and his music career finally started to take off. Just a month after that, during April, Bill Ray Cyrus became a featured vocalist in the remix.

What about before his career?

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Lil Nas was born in Lithia Springs, Georgia, and attended Lithia Springs High School, where he graduated in 2017. During his time at school, Nas worked on his internet presence and spent a lot of time working on his content by creating videos and building a decent following. Nas then attended the University of Georgia but dropped out after a year to pursue his music career. After he made it into the business, Nas returned to his former high school in 2019 to surprise the students there.

What’s next?

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As of April 2021, Nas has over 6 million Twitter followers, 1.2 million Facebook Page followers, and over 7 million Instagram followers. Nas has also been in the news recently as he is releasing his own shoe range. The shows are a pair of Nikes that are black and red, with a bronze pentagram on the laces. However, there is a lot of controversy around these devilish shoes, as apparently there is a drop of human blood in each sole.

Plus, we can expect his debut album, Montero, to be released this summer. So depending on the pandemic restrictions he might be able to play at some festivals and put on some tours before the end of the year!