Whether you’re in first year of your undergrad, or in the final year of your PHD, it’s useful to be able to work out how you’re getting on in class. It can be tricky to navigate, as different classes and modules have different weights, which all will feed in differently to your overall degree classification. If numbers aren’t your thing, or you just can’t face trying to calculate it on your own, we’ve found the perfect uni grade calculator app that does it all for you.

Introducing UniMate

UniMate is a free and very easy-to-use uni grade calculator app which cuts out all the complications of calculating your university grades. It’s super sleek and user friendly, as well as being created by an all-female team, which we love to see. The app itself is super new, having only been launched last year, and the team are consistently updating it and tweaking it, adding in new features to make it as useful as possible. As of right now, it’s got a 4.8 star overall score on both Apple and Google ratings, and when you try out the app, it’s clear to see why.

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How does it work? Close up on all the features

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Once you have selected your university, degree type and given a few details about your course you’re ready to get started. You can either choose to manually input your individual modules and marks received or you can opt to put in your different year averages. Both work just fine, but you will get a far more accurate answer if you have the patience to go back and look at what you got for that essay in first year. This is all part of their track feature, where you can see all your marks in the same place and assess how you’re doing. The track feature feeds into their calculate feature too, which allows for you to try and work out your classification at the end of the year. Not gotten all your marks back yet? No problem! You can put in desired grades for each of your modules in order to work out the marks you need to aim for. There’s no limit as to how many classes you can put in either!

They also have a deadlines feature which is ideal if you’re the kind of person to leave assignments till the last minute. You can easily set up assignment deadlines in the calculator section, and the app will send you notifications when you have things due or an exam coming up.

Bonus and Hidden Features: what you might not know!

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As well as the app, UniMate also has a blog which they regularly upload to, usually with study tips, exam advice, help for preparing for class and loads more. The service they offer is so much more than just a uni grade calculator; they really go above and beyond to try and make it easy for you. It helps too that the app is super sleek and pretty to look at – no more need for messy and confusing spreadsheets.

No you know how to calculate your uni grades, use our study and revision tips to boost your grade.