Written by Jessica Goddard

With only a few weeks of the show remaining, it’s nearly crunch time for the Love Island contestants. If you haven’t seen the show before, the grand final involves the winning couple making a tense decision of whether to split the 50k cash prize with their partner or keep it all for themselves. Although there has yet to be anyone who doesn’t want to split the money, could this series see the first?

Here’s a ranking of the current 16 islanders, from least to most likely to steal the prize money:

16) Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury.png
Source: Daily Express

The 20-year-old boxer is probably the least likely to steal the 50k lump sum. Currently coupled up with Instagram star Molly-Mae Hague, loveable Tommy is probably too sweet to even think about doing the unthinkable.

15) Molly-Mae Hague

Source: Digital Spy

Stunner Molly-Mae is also unlikely to be stealing the 50k this series, as it seems as though she is genuinely loved up with boyfriend Tommy. Although there was some speculation from the other islanders that she was only in the competition for the money, Molly remained faithful to Tommy in Casa Amour and has so far proved doubters wrong.

14) Ovie Soko

Ovie Soko.png
Source: Metro

Ovie only joined the villa a few weeks ago after falling for Anna in Casa Amour, however, he has quickly become an audience favourite. Despite not having much luck with the ladies as of yet, Ovie’s lovable nature and wise advice has definitely proved popular with the other islanders and viewers.

13) Jordan Hames

Jordan Hames.png
Source: Daily Express

Model Jordan is also an audience favourite. After originally coupling up with Anna and then stealing her back from Ovie after Casa Amour, it would be reasonable to say that his feelings for the pharmacist are legitimate. The pair have visible chemistry on screen, but is it all an act?

12) Anna Vakili

12) Anna Vakili.png
Source: Daily Express

London bombshell Anna is currently happily coupled up with Jordan. The pair have an undeniable connection and have survived the test of Casa Amour (just about). After their steamy night in the hideaway this week, it seems unlikely that Anna would betray Jordan and steal the cash for herself.

11) Amber Gill

11) Amber Gill.png
Source: Metro

Amber has definitely had a tough time in the villa recently. After being a favourite to win with firefighter Michael before Casa Amour, her time has been rocky since Michael left her for newcomer Joanna. Unsurprisingly, Michael is now trying to get her back, but will Amber cheat him out of the 50k?

10) Michael Griffiths

10) Michael Griffiths .png
Source: The Sun

Michael is probably one of the least popular islanders amongst viewers right now. He seems unable to make his mind up about Amber, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he clinched the cash prize from her in the final.

9) Curtis Pritchard

9) Curtis Pritchard.png
Source: TellyMix

Curtis has also gone down in the rankings of viewers recently. Despite previously being in a power couple with ex-islander Amy Hart, his recent romance with Maura has sparked speculation about how they actually feel about each other. Is it just a relationship of convenience?

8) Francesca Allen

8) Francesca Allen.png
Source: Independent

New girl Francesca seems like a genuinely nice girl, but it would be fair to say that she hasn’t been on the show long enough for us to make a judgement. She failed to win Curtis from Maura, but there’s still time for her to meet her match.

7) Chris Taylor

7) Chris Taylor.png
Source: Mirror

Chris, who has been unlucky in love so far, might still be in it to win it. Even though none of the girls have currently taken a fancy to him, his funny personality could end up leading him to the lump sum of cash.

6) Harley Brash

6) Harley Brash.png
Source: Entertainment Daily

The 20-year-old from Newcastle entered the villa this week, however, she hasn’t stirred up a lot of trouble as of yet. Harley had eyes for heartthrob Ovie, but it seems fellow newcomer India has beaten her to it. Could any of the other islanders end up taking her fancy?

5) India Reynolds

5) India Reynolds .png
Source: CapitalFM

Model India came into the villa this week with Harley and after taking him on a date, she seems to have made a big impression on Ovie. We hope that her feelings are legitimate, as we’d hate to see precious Ovie’s heart broken in the final.

4) Gregg O’Shea

4) Gregg O’Shea .png
Source: Metro

The newest islander on our screens has come into the villa with a bang. With both Amber and Maura in his sights, it’s possible that Gregg could be a contender to win, particularly if he manages to steal Amber from the grasps of Michael.

3) Anton Danyluk

3) Anton Danyluk .png
Source: Cosmopolitan

The nation has grown to love Anton. He appeared to love himself a little too much in the first few weeks, however, viewers definitely grew sympathetic to his lack of luck in love. This was until Belle came into the villa whilst the girls were away in Casa Amour. Although we want to root for the pair, it seems a little too good to be true and it could be that he only went for Belle as a last resort. Owch.

2) Belle Hassan

2) Belle Hassan .png
Source: The Sun

Bromley girl Belle has reached second place on this one. Although we want to believe her relationship with Anton is based on love, it seems more likely that theirs is a relationship of convenience. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a visible spark, meaning Belle could end up leave the villa £50 thousand richer.

1) Maura Higgins

1) Maura Higgins.png
Source: Digital Spy

In the top spot it’s… Maura. Maura is another islander that the public have either grown to like or grown to hate. She brought the first bit of drama on the show this series with her arrival and has been causing waves ever since. Her recent romance with Curtis has come as a shock to most, so could she cause the biggest wave yet by being the first contestant ever to take the prize money for herself?