• On Tuesday it was announced Ollie had quit Love Island 2020 
  • The report was Ollie had quit because he was still in love with his ex
  • Despite the reasons given Ollie was on track to become the most complained about contestant in history 
  • There has been speculation he was pushed off the show by producers due to the complains being made about him 
  • ITV have said all contestants are not told of any news articles about them but are briefed when they leave the show and supported throughout the process

On Tuesday night’s episode Ollie Williams revealed he would be leaving the villa and that it was the ‘hardest decision’ of his life.

After just three days, it was announced Ollie, 23, had quit the ITV2 series after realising he was still in love with his ex, Laura Nofer, also 23.

However, during the lead up to the new series photos had surfaced of Ollie posing with various dead carcasses, with guns rested against the corpses. This lead to a furious outcry from activists and lead to an online petition to get him removed from the island.

Screenshot 2020-01-15 at 10.08.24.png
Credit: Instagram. Ollie with his ex

In a preview clip for Wednesday’s episode, a shaken Ollie gathered his fellow Islanders around the firepit looking downcast as he revealed his exit.

The islanders were left shocked with Callum and Connor gasping as the news sunk in. Ollie had earlier in the episode acknowledged his rocky journey in the villa so far but had firmly said he wanted to pursue things with Paige.

He said: ‘My heart says I do want to carry on, I do like Paige. I hope and pray that she won’t find anything else to be angry about with me. She’s making me out to be terrible and I’m not. There’s no-one else I fancy in the villa.’

Although fellow Islanders were left sad and shocked by Ollie’s news, fans were happy to see the ‘trophy hunter’ quit the show.


One fan wrote: ‘ollie is gone I CONSIDER THIS A WIN #LoveIsland’ while another added: ‘Well I’m watching #loveisland with my daughter and I’m glad that Ollie Williams is quitting. There’s no place for trophy hunters here!’

Laura and Ollie split last year after Ollie confessed he had cheated on his then girlfriend. A spokesman confirmed ‘Ollie has made the decision to leave the Love Island villa’. Ollie explained in the Beach Hut ‘I have to be honest with myself, and everyone, that I do still love someone else…

However there has been speculation that Ollie was pushed to quit the show from producers themselves after the backlash he received when his trophy hunter past was exposed.


Olivia Attwood and The Apprentice contestant Luisa Zissman rubbished claims Ollie quit the show of his own accord. Olivia replied to a comment from a fan hinting the story wasn’t the real reason the millionaire heir left the villa, joking ‘you probably believe in Father Christmas too’.

Fellow reality star Luisa claimed she believes ‘ITV did the right thing and pushed him’ to leave the show due to the huge amount of backlash he received when his trothy hunting was revealed.