• Newcomer Connagh chose Sophie and Shaughna to go on dates with
  • In a game of beer pong Connagh was dared to kiss two islanders he would have a threesome with. He then locked lips with Sophie and Siannise 
  • Feeling threatened Connor spoke with Connagh after the game 
  • He later confused in the beach hut that he saw Connagh as a threat and didbn’t know whether his relationship with Sophie would survive
  • Sophie admitted on her date that she was happy with Connor but could see herself getting closer with other people in the villa as it was still very much early days. Reiterating the point Sophie said: ‘It’s just so scary. It’s been a couple of days’ 

Things heated up in Thursday’s Love Island as Connor, who is coupled up with Sophie admitted he saw new arrival Connagh as a threat. Making matters worse Connagh chose Sophie to take on a date, as well as Shaughna.

Scenes which aired on Thursday night showed Connagh and Sophie sharing a kiss, after Connagh was asked as part of a dare game to kiss two Islanders he would have a threesome with. This lead to him locking lips with Sophie and Siannise.

Connor pulled Connagh for a chat after the game had finished. Connagh admitted Sophie had said “It’s early so I’m not going to be exclusive or anything like that, which is fair enough”.

Connor responded ‘It’s not ideal because I do like the girl’. Connagh tried to reassure the fellow islander by stating he wouldn’t be pulling Sophie for a chat behind his back.

Connor later admitted in the beach hut that he did see Connagh as a threat and didn’t know if he relationship with Sophie would be effected. He said: ‘I feel a massive threat from Connagh because he’s such a good looking lad. Even though I spoke to Sophie, I’m still not 100percent sure things are going to be alright.’

Whilst on her date, Sophie told Connagh: ‘I feel like I am happy with Connor. But obviously we’re only a couple of days in so it would be silly to close myself off completely, so we’ll have to see how the next couple of days go.’


Trying to reassure Connor, following her date she told him he didn’t have anything to worry about because she was still interested in him. She said: ‘I just feel like I wasn’t interested. I’m not dumping you just yet. I want to carry on enjoying myself with you.’

Connor was thankful for the reassurance, later admitting in the beach hut ‘I was so surprised, I was genuinely shocked. ‘It just shows what we’ve got. It’s proven to me that she is keen on me. I know where I stand.’


Despite this reassurance, after Sophie saw the two boys going for a chat, she admitted to Callum that she didn’t want to constantly have to reassure Connor that she liked him. She said ‘If I’m not allowed to have banter with my friends, that’s a problem. I don’t want to have to reassure him because that’s going to put me in a bad mood.’

Callum told Sophie that he thought Connor liked her a lot which seemingly scared Sophie who said, ‘It’s just so scary. It’s been a couple of days.’

On Wednesday nights episode, Sophie cheered as she heard two new boys will be entering the villa, which lead Connor to brand her actions ‘muggy’.

Fans didn’t like this behaviour, branding Connor ‘controlling’ and showing ‘control freak psycho vibes’

Taking the boys for a chat, Connor admitted he thought her behaviour was muggy saying, ‘This is muggy she went “yes”, she threw her arms in the air when she found out. ‘Don’t be telling me you like me and then put your arms in the air. The way she’s acting is driving me mental.’

Connor later pulled Sophie for a chat saying: ‘Just be honest with me about what you just did then’. Sophie responded: ‘I was winding you up. I’m just winding you up.’ Connor retorted he didn’t want to argue and that it would wind Sophie up if it was the other way round.

Sophie said: ‘You’ll know when I’m being serious. What do you want me to do, not do anything when I hear these boys are coming in?

He responded: ‘No just not f*****g jumping around saying you cant wait.’

Sophie retorted: ‘I was just joking with the girls! Leanne did the same thing and she’s with Mike.’

Twitter erupted with memes comparing Connor to the You character Joe in the Netflix show.