I’m now stuck right in at my second year of university and my gosh, does it fly by. With deadlines hitting left, right and centre, it can be a struggle to cope. I decided to live at home during first year, but also stayed home this year as it turned out not to be so bad after all. Weeks of summer thoughts got me thinking that maybe, I should have ventured off into student hotspot areas, but I love home comforts too much — I also like spending my loan on other things too. Here are the things only students living at home will understand.

1. The endless talk about the banter you get in halls, which you’re never involved in

I know my uni had some hilarious stories from halls last year and it is safe to say I laughed at almost all of them, however… I sit here writing this article, tucked up in my room with the heating on full blast, living the life.

2. The beautiful home comforts

Heating, showers and the best part of it all… the comfy bed.

3. Packing lightly and bed hopping around different halls, letting you see the extremes of uni life.

I am incredibly impressed with myself. I don’t know about any of you stay-at-home students, but I manage to pack everything I need in a tiny tote bag; good to go for a day or two…

4. Getting home from a night out at the students’ union with a lecture at 9am is an absolute nightmare

Especially when you miss out on the university’s hottest late night takeaways. Who wants to pay £40 for a taxi back to the suburbs? No one? Oh well.

5. Having money to spend on yourself rather than accommodation is something that people hate you for

I have a student loan which people argue I do not deserve. However, not living in student accommodation does not mean I do not deserve a loan — I pay rent to my parents and have other outgoings. Don’t complain to me if I’m saving a bit more.

6. Eating a great range of food meant instead of surviving off cookies and instant noodles

This also has the adverse effect of making you gain twice as much weight as your fellow freshers. Looking at some of my friends who lived off pasta and cookies made me realise, if that’s what it takes to keep the weight off then maybe I should try it.

7. Being able to boast about your home time

I’m lucky enough to live in Barry by Cardiff. Barry is a beautiful town — its beaches are incredible (even when it’s raining) and you can see so far into to sea. It’s a lovely place to be coming home to from uni every day.

8. Going to your proper home after a rubbish day of lectures

Nothing quite beats it — it feels like luxury living.

9. Missing out on social events because your friends ‘didn’t think you’d want to travel all that way’

This didn’t happen to me often, but I know a few people this did happen to and it can be very unpleasant. I still want to have fun even if I’m living far away.