There is no doubt that the fame and wealth of the contestants who appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK has skyrocketed since the popular BBC Three show aired. Following the recent final of Season 2 of the show, it seems like a good time to reflect on how much the Season 2 Drag Race UK queens earn, per Instagram post. So, here is the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK rich list:

Sister Sister

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £188.01

At the bottom of the rich list is Sister Sister, who makes the least money out of the UK Season 2 queens on Instagram. She earns nearly £200 per post to her 48.7k followers. She was the second Drag Race UK contestant from Liverpool, after Season 1 winner The Vivienne.

Ellie Diamond

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £384.37

Even though she was a member of the top four, Ellie Diamond is second from the bottom of the rich list for Instagram earnings. She makes £384 for each post to her 118k followers. She was the youngest contestant on the season, and she owns her own wig company, Wigzbyellie.

Asttina Mandella (@asttinamandella)

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £429.94

Asttina Mandella made ASOS jackets runway-famous. She earns £429 per Instagram post to her 109k followers. She was the first Drag Race UK contestant of colour to win a Main Challenge on the show.

Ginny Lemon (@ginnylemon69)

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £476.46

Ginny Lemon’s Instagram page has a yellow aesthetic to match their name. They were a fan favourite on the show, and they earn just over £470 per post to her 118k followers. Their page is full of entertaining content, such as comedy sketches and videos, funny selfies, and Drag Race clips. They are  most famous for dramatically self-eliminating themselves from the show because they“didn’t want to compete with [their] sisters.”

Cherry Valentine (@thecherryvalentine)

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £542.05

Cherry Valentine was the second queen to be eliminated from the show, becoming famous for her laugh and for being an uncanny Alan Cumming look-a-like. She makes nearly £550 per post to her 138k followers. Matching her name, her page has a red aesthetic. She is a qualified Mental Health Nurse and worked as an essential worker during the COVID-19 pandemic. She was the first queen of Romani descent to compete on any series of Drag Race.

Veronica Green (veronicaqween)

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £580.74

Veronica Green makes nearly £600 for each post to her 148k followers. She is much quieter on her page than other queens, posting the occasional selfie, as well as resharing fan art. She was the first queen to win a Rusical on the show, and she was also the first queen to leave the competition due to medical purposes. She has an open invitation to compete on the next season on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

Joe Black (@misterjoeblack)

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £658.47

Joe Black’s page is full of dramatic looks inspired by cabaret and gothic styles. Her Instagram account has over 167k followers, and she earns just over £650 per post. She got eliminated from the competition first, and she is also the first Drag Race UK contestant to return to the competition after getting eliminated.

Tia Kofi (@tiakofi)

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £826.70

Tia Kofi earns just over £800 for an Instagram post. Tia’s page has 227k followers and is comprised mainly of modelling photoshoots. She was the first UK queen to survive two lipsyncs for your life. Prior to appearing in Drag Race UK, she appeared in the 2004 film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!

A’Whora (@awhora)

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £1,000

Number four on the rich list is A’Whora, who earns £1,000 for an Instgram post. She has 294k followers. She is very active, posting regular comedic impressions, selfies and photoshoots. She is the Drag Race UK contestant that spent the most consecutive episodes without receiving critiques on the main stage, and she is one of the only four Drag Race UK contestants who share a quadruple Main Challenge win. However, she was the only member of “United Kingdolls” to not make it to the final, and she was the third contestant to be eliminated on their first lip-sync,

Lawrence Chaney (@lawrencechaney)

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £1,200

Next on the list is the winner of Season 2, Lawrence Chaney. She has 400k followers and the potential to earn over £1000 per post. Lawrence is less active than the previous queens on the list, perhaps explaining why she has less followers. She mostly posts Drag Race looks and videos. She was the first RuPaul’s Drag Race UK contestant to win three challenges in a row, and she was the second contestant on Drag Race UK to win two consecutive challenges. She was the first-ever plus-sized winner of Drag Race UK.

Tayce (@itstayce)

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £1600

Tayce makes £1600 for a single post, not far behind Bimini. Her Instagram account has 528k followers, and similarly to Bimini, she posts selfies, modelling shots, and Drag Race clips. She was the first queen to win three lip syncs on Drag Race UK. She was also the first queen to survive four lip syncs on the series. She was the second Welsh queen to compete in Drag Race UK.

Bimini Bon Boulash (@biminibabes)

Estimated Earnings Per Post: £1,800

The queen who earns the most is Bimini Bon Boulash, who earns close to £2000 for each post, with 694k followers. They post constantly – a variety of runway looks, modelling shots and selfies, as well as promoting merch and sharing clips from the show, which helped them rise to fame. Bimini is the most followed queen on Instagram from the UK series, and they also have more followers on Twitter than the official Drag Race UK Twitter account.