As the sugar baby lifestyle has popularised and become more mainstream, websites such as Seeking Arrangement have in recent reports calculated upwards of 500,000 university students using their site. With the increasing prices of tuition, rent and school supplies, is it any surprise that some savvy singles are trying their luck at finding an eligible and potentially wealthy bachelor? The site is the world’s largest of it’s kind and in the past has advertised opportunities of earning upwards of £2000 for each arrangement as well as mentorship and career-boosting opportunities. We took the time to make an account so you don’t have to and investigated how the service works, what it’s like to use, and advice about how to get a sugar daddy safely.

How does it work? 

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Setting up an account is very easy, and all you need to sign up is an email – if you use your university email, you get an immediate bonus upgrade. It’s important to get a catchy and unique username but make certain to not include your name as part of it. Matches and hits don’t start to kick in until you get your picture confirmed, but the moment it does, they’ll come in thick and fast. Similarly to most dating sites, you’ll get notifications when your profile gets viewed, when you receive a like, and when someone sends you a message.

The website recommends that when you start off, you stick to the Diamond Members. They are an exclusive bunch who are selected by the site as being both legitimate, experienced and worth the time. Just have a scroll and see what appeals to you. As you scroll through, you’re given basic details about potential matches: Height, Body, Age, Location and Financial Status. Judging by this particular individual, though, be wary that people perhaps like to exaggerate in order to try and get better match opportunities.

What’s it for? 

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A lot of the people you come across on the site are in it for purely the physical, which with all dating sites is inevitable. If that is something you’re comfortable and interested in, then why not make some green out of it? Colloquially referred to as ‘arrangements’ by members, you organise ‘dates’ which often will come with a monetary allowance attached.  Seeking Arrangement make a point on their site that what they do and the service they offer is not a solicitation of prostitution; however, when you do boil it down to basics, the ‘arrangements’ can be sexual favours in exchange for money.

As such, it is incredibly important you stay careful and vigilant should you feel comfortable and ensure that you know your boundaries and keep everything safe. While it might appear to be a nice way to make a quick quid, it is integral you look after yourself and ensure you are not taken advantage of. Always remember, the arrangements are entirely on your terms.

Last Updated on September 2, 2022