Students have a bit of a rep for being lazy. And while some of us aren’t quite as bad as we’re made out to be, there are definitely a lot of sloths giving the rest of us a bad name.

That’s why Unifresher writer Elsa has listed the seven things every lazy student has done — how many of these have you secretly indulged in?

1. Wear the same clothes from yesterday

They don’t smell. The two-day limit is the absolute maximum, though. Also, clean underwear is a must. You’re lazy, not gross.


2. Accepted that washing up is a necessary evil

Despite all attempts by you to persuade your flatmates into a house with a dishwasher next year, they don’t seem to get it.


3. Being reluctant to go ‘out-out’

Okay, why isn’t it acceptable to rock up to Pryzm in jeans? Eyeliner is a cruel mistress, and suddenly the pressure is on to get those wings equal.



4. Put off doing laundry

You only make the trip to the laundrette when either you can’t see over your laundry basket, or you’ve resorted to going to lectures in fancy dress. Sometimes both.


5. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve slept through your alarm

I once set my alarm at 8.45 and it didn’t wake me up until 10.50. Oops.


6. Required reading is actually a blessing

You can stay in bed and in your pyjamas all day and still feel productive! It is a miracle if you actually take notes on it, though.


7. You’ve joined the societies with the least amount of commitment

Film society? Nice. You can just vegetate in front of a film, but this time with twenty other people!