We’ve all seen the four lads circulating the web right now. We’re loving the memes that are plastered on Twitter and Insta. If you’ve missed out, here are 10 of the best four lads memes going viral right now.

1. Give it a year and they’ll all be on talk shows, and we won’t remember why

2. Although we will definitely still remember these sick sea shanties!

3. Some people think they resemble other groups of lads…

Although whether or not anybody would like to see those lads with jeans that tight is another story.


four lads memes
Source: thearchbish0pofbanterbury

4. And some people are using the memes to live out their Dubai dreams

four lads memes
Source: dailydubaideals

5. But luckily for the lads, some people are aware that the constant sharing of the picture must be annoying

6. They’ve even been gender-swapped with these 4 lasses

7. Some people have noticed the flaw in the ‘4 lads in jeans’ statement

8. Maybe you’re starting to get to this point, where you know they’re funny, but you just react like this

9. Either way, the meme’ll probably be around for a while…

10. Ultimately, we all just wish them well


Last Updated on September 2, 2022