It’s no secret that students party like nobody else. But which student cities are the most expensive to go and party in? Here are the 20 cheapest cities to go out in, according to NatWest.

20. Liverpool

Liverpool students spend a whopping £34.40 on going out each month, which isn’t too much until you add big city drinks costs (they spend £33 a month on drinks!). But if you’re worried about that, then take advantage of these 2 for 1 drinks deals in Liverpool.

19. Glasgow 

Glaswegians spend £30.80 on nights out each month – which really isn’t that much, in the grand scheme of things. Although, it is enough to have to borrow from mummy and daddy!

18. Birmingham

Anyone studying in Birmingham seems to spend a reasonable amount, with going out costing them a monthly average of £30.50.

17. Leeds 

Leeds students spend £35.90 on average each month when it comes to going out. But on top of that, they then spend a whole £36 a month on booze. Leeds, you clearly are having a good time. Invite us sometime.

16. London

With clubs charging buckets for entry, and drinks charges rocketing the second the clock hits midnight – we are shocked that London is only in 5th place, paying an average of £28.90.

15. Newcastle 

Those students up north still spend a fair bit on going out, even with the supposedly cheap northern prices. On average, students spend £27.90 on going out, and then on top of that, a whopping £40 on booze! The national average is £29! Although we can’t blame them, look at these great bars. 

14. York 

In the fancy old city of York, students spend an average of £26.90 on going out each month. That’s not a lot – but we’re not surprised, York doesn’t really give off mad sesh vibes… more dark academia witchy vibes.

13. Manchester

Manchester students fork out an average of £26.60. If you’re looking to go out in Manchester, check out the best student nights, and how to get smashed for a fiver. No wonder Manchester isn’t one of the cities spending the most on booze with deals like this! 

12. Cambridge

Cambridge students spend an average of £26.20 in the club each month. It’s more than some places, but less than most, arguably because they’re all too busy with their heads buried in books?

11. Cardiff 

Alongside Cambridge, Cardiff students also spend an average of £26.20 in the club each month. Although unlike Cambridge, we reckon it’s less book related and more that they’ve got better things to do… 

10. Edinburgh

With students borrowing over £300 from their parents each month, we really expected this figure to be higher, but apparently, Edinburgh students only spend an average of £25.90 each month.

9. Nottingham

Nottingham students spend an average of £25.60 on going out each month. However, aside from the clubs, Nottingham students spend a whole £30 on drinks each month – maybe as pres before they venture out to these gorgeous cocktail bars.

8. Sheffield

Those students in Sheffield are spending £25.30 a month on going out, which isn’t too bad, until you think about the additional average spend of £37 a month on drinks on top of that. Anyone looking to not break the bank whilst out in Sheffield should visit these student nights in the city.

7. Bristol

Bristol has developed a kind of… reputation, in the last few years. So when we heard that they only spend an average of £25.30 on going out each month, we were shocked. Maybe they chose to not include the money they spend on certain parts of a night out…

6. Exeter

Exeter only spend £24.90 on average each month – but maybe that’s to stop them borrowing anymore from their parents, since they already borrow an average of over £200 a month! 

5. Oxford

Unlike their prestigious twins at Cambridge, Oxford students spend an average of £24.30 on going out each month – clearly they’re even more invested in their studies!

4. Leicester

Leicester is next on the list, splurging a whole £23.40 on going out. That’s the equivalent to a weekly food shop at Aldi… But then it seems drinks must be cheap in Leicester, with a monthly drinks budget of £18. If you’re going out in Leicester, maybe check out some of these happy hour deals. 

3. Coventry

Coventry is known for being a pretty cheap place to live, and their going out costs are no different – students spend an average of £21.40 per month on going out!

2. Southampton 

Students living in Southampton spend an average of £20.90 on going out each month, and that’s on top of their £27 a month on booze. Although in comparison to the rest of list, it isn’t too bad. They’re clearly all too busy on the yachts, or in these great clubs. 

1. Durham

Oxford and Cambridge’s little brother, Durham, is surprisingly at the bottom of the list. Despite being quite a fancy town, with one of the highest rents, Durham students only spend an average of £20.60 a month.