The day is finally here, it’s May 4th. By now, you have probably seen a few memes about the day on your newsfeed, but to make you really laugh we have gathered all the best memes on May the 4th be with you!

1. They are here!

may 4th memes
Credit: Distractify

The memes are here and ready to attack your sense of humour. Brace yourselves!

2. Oh Dwight

may 4th memes
Credit: Know your meme

We all love Star Wars and we all love The Office, so who better to correct us than Dwight.

3. The Jedi Holiday

may 4th memes
Credit: Pinterest

Since we have all just had a bank holiday we know how nice it is to have a day off, shame the stormtroopers don’t.

4. May 4th is just May 4th

may 4th memes
Credit; Know your meme

I mean technically it’s not, but it shouldn’t be too much longer until the calendar committee gets the memo about the update.

5. Revenge of the 5th

may 4th memes
Credit: Mama’s Geeky

This is brilliant! Only the dedicated Star Wars fans will know about this one.

6. There is nothing cuter than a baby Yoda

may 4th memes
Credit: YourTango

There is nothing cuter in the Star Wars universe than a baby Yoda1

7. na na na na na na na na na na na na NO!

may 4th memes
Credit: Imgflip

The joke may be old, but it’s still funny, well at least it is to some people.

8. Preparing for next year…

may 4th memes
Credit: Shut up and take my money

There must be people out there already planning for May 4th 2022; I’m more interested in revenge of the 5th!

9. So many memes, so little time

may 4th memes
Credit: Readers Digest

These memes are pretty good, and you don’t need to wait another year to see them as it’s only a few more weeks until the official Star Wars Day.