The internet has been buzzing with memes of Priti Patel’s eyebrows, and you may be wondering what these memes are all about? They started after an expenses report from the Home Office had numerous strange expenses, including to Primark and Sports Direct. But the most controversial expense was $77,269 to a company called SP Beautiful Brows.

There has been a lot of chatter about how it is possible to wrack up an eyebrow bill like this, and many theories suggest that it may be money laundering. However, it has since been stated these expenses were for the whole of the Home Office, and not just Priti Patel. Moreover, the money spent at SP Beautiful Brows was not for their eyebrow services, but for PPE, as the company supplied the Home Office with hand sanitiser.

Despite this, #pritipatelseyebrows has been trending over social media, and dozens of memes have been created. Here are some of the best ones…

1. Because I’m worth it

priti patel im worth it
Credit: Imgflip

We all know the L’Oreal slogan ‘because I’m worth it, and it has been the slogan of so many memes. But to be fair, in this photo Priti’s eyebrows do look pretty good.

2. We need a before and after

Kat valentine priti patel meme
Credit: Metro

After news broke that nearly £80,000 was spent on eyebrows, I have to admit that I was trying to work out how. Maybe the tweezers were made from real gold, and there was also gold flakes in the wax?

3. Hmmmmm

priti patel eyebrows meme
Credit: Metro

This photo of Priti getting her eyebrows threaded has appeared everywhere! Although the captions seem to change, this one has appeared the most.

4. What a difference!

Patel eyebrow service
Credit: Twitter

This is an extreme eyebrow transformation, and after seeing this incredible before and after, I can only presume he must have paid millions!

5. Those brows are out of control!

priti patel
Credit: Metro

Those brows are wild and out of control; no wonder she needed them taking care of.

6. The trend is catching on…

priti patel eyebrows
Credit: Reddit

Either the eyebrow trend is catching on, or someone else paid a ridiculous amount of money to get his own eyebrows tames.

7. Ah, now it makes sense

priti patel eyebrows explained
Credit: Twitter

Mathematical experts have cracked the code! £77,000 is a bit steep to have your eyebrows done, but £38,500 per eyebrow is much more reasonable.